6 tips to take Full Advantage of your Amazon Seller Account

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a member of Western society who denies Amazon’s massive influence over ecommerce.  With over 310 million customers – and almost a third of those being Prime members – Amazon has built a commanding platform that grants your every wish with the tap of a finger.  In fact, the majority of the modern world (over 50%) goes to Amazon first when deciding on a purchase.

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With such enormous popularity inevitably comes oversaturation.  As an Amazon seller, it’s important to optimize your listings so that they’re easy to find and attractive to your prospective buyers.  Getting control over your marketplace will help you stand out among the rest.  And, like most things in life, it helps to anticipate the problems before you encounter them.  These tips will help you avoid mistakes that even established Amazon sellers make.

1. Know Your Competition

This is huge, which is why we’ve listed it first.  In order to stay ahead, you must constantly be looking at who’s amongst you.   There are plenty of sellers of ill repute out there who can steal your product images, make bogus policy violation claims, and rip off your trademarks.  It’s important to be wary of these sketchy sellers, but be sure to track your legitimate competitors as well.

Tracking your competition’s daily/monthly/annual sales is a great way to see where they’ve been and where they are going.  It’s an effective way to learn from their marketing practices, as well as learn which products you should be selling.  Luckily there is software out there that does this for you.  AMZShark ranks among the best with their tool called Sales Tracker.  AMZShark lets you see which keywords your competition ranks for, how they fare in Amazon search rakings, what their customers have to say, and which Amazon seller categories have the most competition.

amzshark sales tracker

2. Make Your Product Listing a 10/10

Consider your listing page as your virtual shop floor salesman.  Eye-grabbing photographs and succinct descriptions can motivate a shopper to swiftly and confidently choose your product.

Avoid writing your product title in caps – the majority of people don’t like when sellers do this, as it seems disingenuous.  It’s best to keep your listing title as descriptive as possible while keeping it under 12 words or less.  In the description section, don’t forget to provide important details such as product weight/dimensions in your country’s relevant units of measurement.  Don’t try to use complicated, scientific words.

toshiba fire tv listing

When it comes to taking photos of your product, make them as professional looking as possible.  If that requires hiring an experienced photographer, go for it.  It’s a worthy investment and will draw more people to your page.  Include at least four images, showing the item at different angles.  This boosts the shopper’s confidence in the quality of your product.  Amazon has a list of product image requirements in regards to content, file type, and image size.  Be sure to follow their guidelines or you risk having your listing taken down.

amzshark listing optimization

AMZShark has a tool called Listings Scout that breaks down any Amazon product’s listing page.  It shows you every facet of the listings for a given keyword, including average number of bullet points, number of photos, and description length.  You can use this information to refine your own page and boost your presence in Amazon’s search engine.

3. Raise the Bar Using the Search Bar

Speaking of the search engine… The more sales you make through Amazon, the higher your product ranks in Amazon’s search engine results (this is Amazon's SEO basis).  This brings more visibility and traffic to your product page.  There are many different ways to organically raise your search ranking to the top – the most important being engaging visuals, detailed product descriptions, and impeccable customer service.  Additionally, you can promote your product link on different web pages and social media.  You can also pay for an SEO strategy from a third party.

amazon search bar

The majority of search engines, including Google and Amazon, interpret the keywords you include in your listing to determine whether your product is a relevant search result or not.  So be sure to sprinkle in the unique, defining keywords you most want your shoppers to see, like “Bluetooth,” “organic,” “vintage,” “monogrammed,” etc.

AMZShark offers a fast and simple way to help improve your search ranking called Super URLs.  They are customized links you can use in your ad campaigns that link every sale to a search term of your choice.  Every time you make a sale through a Super URL, your product search ranking will get closer and closer to #1.

amzshark superurls

4. Be the Beyoncé of Customer Service

It’s no secret that people respond well to great customer service.  It’s also no surprise that a bad review can immediately turn someone off to buying a productA 2017 Business Insider article found that “a product that has just one review is 65% more likely to be purchased than a product that has none.”  That same article found that “positive reviews increase sales by 20% on sites that implement them into the shopping experience well.”

amazon bad reviews

But unfortunately, despite your best efforts, things can go wrong which leaves you with an unhappy customer.  Thankfully Amazon lets people edit or update the reviews they leave, so if you ever find yourself dealing with a poor review, act FAST and do whatever it takes to rectify the situation.

AMZShark’s Review Alerts sends you an email alert whenever you receive a review below your desired threshold.  For example, if you set your Review Alerts to contact you at 3 stars or less, you’ll immediately be notified if someone’s package doesn’t turn up and they post a scathing one-star review on your listing.  By immediately reaching out and sorting out the problem, you’ll leave your customer satisfied and they can rewrite their feedback.  This is an invaluable tool because it keeps you in-the-know.  You can also use Review Alerts to follow your competitor’s reviews and see how they’re doing.

5. Don’t Pay Too Much (Or Too Little) for SEO

We touched briefly on the option of paying for online visibility for your product when discussing Amazon search rankings.  Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a marketing method where the seller/advertiser pays a small fee each time one of their ads is clicked.  When utilized correctly, this really helps boost your listing’s SEO and drives more traffic to your product page.

But how do you know how much to set aside for your PPC budget?  AMZShark has a tool called PPC Scout, which analyzes the PPC campaign of any keywords in any country’s Amazon market.  You can find out what keywords your competitors are using for ads, and how much competition there is between keywords.  This is a great way to find keywords with little to no competition, or directly calculate which keywords a competitor is using.

amzshark ppc scout

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6. Keep Tabs on EVERYTHING

There’s so much to cover when setting up your Amazon to be the best it can be.  To finish off, we’ll leave you with something simple: always keep your eye on the ball.  The more successful your Amazon business becomes, the more you’ll have to juggle.  Tracking everything from order shipments to customer feedback, Buy Box possession, and your competition is a daunting but necessary task.  By staying on top of your seller account, you’ll be sure to build a long-term profitable business on Amazon.  Happy selling!

About AMZShark

AMZShark can give you an insider look on all of your competitors’ strategies and statistics.  Boasting an impressive 16 features in total, AMZShark is your one-stop shop for improving your Amazon business research.  Currently, the first month’s use of AMZShark is completely free of charge.  Contact hello@amzshark.com if you’d like to find out more about their subscription plans.

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