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Are you seeking a flexible funding solution to fuel your ecommerce store's growth? Welcome to an unbiased review of 8fig, an innovative platform offering equity-free financing and robust software solutions for online businesses. Hey, and not just for ecommerce sellers, they also offer Amazon financing.

In this article, we'll delve into how 8fig works, its key benefits and features, eligibility requirements, and pricing structure. You'll get an insight into the platform's pros and cons from real users' experiences. Plus, we'll highlight what sets 8fig apart in the crowded fintech space.

So if you're looking to make informed decisions that can unleash your business's potential power without personal risk or credit checks – you've come to the right place. Let's explore why 8fig might just be the game-changer you need for long-term success.

How does 8fig work?

So, how does 8fig work? Well, it's pretty straightforward – you connect your online store to their platform, input the capital you need, and voila! You get an equity-free funding based on your business projections. It's similar to other competitors such as Ritmo with their Ritmo Insights dashboard or Wayflyer, two of the options we were discussing on our FBA Loans vs Revenue Based Finance article.

This dynamic finance model enables continuous support for your venture without giving away a piece of your hard-earned business. Part of the appeal is in its versatility. Each batch of inventory gets its own funding package tailored to optimize cash flow.

The payback is a fixed cost of capital between $6k-$10k per every $100k funded. They even offer software solutions for managing and streamlining your supply chain so that you maintain control while they handle the financial backing.

8fig how it works

To be eligible for 8fig's services, all you need is an active online store with at least six months under its belt selling physical products, pulling in revenue upwards of $8k per month or $100k in sales annually.

Now imagine having this power at your fingertips: uncapped financing potential geared towards long-term growth and success. Let's dive deeper into the benefits and features that make this possible without mentioning any steps involved.

Benefits and Features

Imagine the freedom of having constant, flexible financing that adapts to your growing ecommerce business, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – scaling your success. With 8fig, this isn't just a dream but an attainable reality. The platform offers dynamic funding that grows alongside your business, ensuring you never fall short of capital.

Key features include:

  • Dynamic dashboards for tracking financial data and sales trends
  • Proactive tools for sales forecasting and revenue assessment
  • Scheduling capabilities to map out inventory and costs
  • Change Requests feature to adapt swiftly to unforeseen supply chain events
Unleash the full potential of your eCommerce brand with 8fig!

These features don't just provide finance; they empower you with the ability to control your destiny. You become more agile in reacting to market changes, you gain foresight into future sales, and you have the power of anticipation when planning for inventory costs.

Moreover, the platform's Line Lab visualizes your business schedule and expenses, while A Line tracks execution against projections – all empowering you with strategic insights.

So why wait? Harness the power of 8fig today and let it fuel your path towards unbounded growth.

Next up are details about who qualifies for this transformative solution from 8fig.

Requirements and Eligibility

You're probably wondering if your ecommerce business qualifies for this innovative financing solution from 8fig. Well, rest easy knowing that the eligibility requirements are straightforward, and they've been designed to accommodate a wide range of online stores.

Firstly, you need an active online store; whether it's on Shopify, Wix, Amazon, Walmart or eBay is irrelevant – as long as you've got physical products selling consistently.

Secondly, your business should have been operational for at least six months. This gives 8fig enough data to analyze and make accurate projections for your financial future.

The final requirement revolves around revenue; you need to be pulling in $8k per month or have made $100k in sales. Don't see these figures as towering hurdles but rather benchmarks of success that signal you're ready to take the leap into uncapped growth potential with 8fig.

8fig credit financing lines

8fig: Pros and Cons

Let's dive right in and explore some of the potential benefits and challenges you could encounter when using 8fig to fund your online store.


One significant advantage is that the capital provided by 8fig grows with your business. This means that as your sales projections increase, so does the financing you can access. It's a dynamic model designed to fuel ambitious growth without imposing an unbearable debt burden on you.

Another pro is the limited personal risk involved. With no equity or personal guarantees required, it allows for bold decision-making in pursuit of high returns.


However, while 8fig makes funding more accessible and manageable through its software platform, it doesn't eliminate the necessity of running a successful business operation. You still need to manage supply chain risks and make strategic decisions regarding inventory, pricing, marketing, among others.

Also worth noting is that using 8fig introduces another platform into your business processes, which might require additional time spent on management tasks. The added pressure from outside funding may also be something to consider.

As we move forward in this review, let's now shift our focus towards understanding how much these advantages will cost you with their ‘Growth Plan‘.

Pricing and Cost

Curious about how much this innovative funding solution will set you back? It's time to delve into the details of 8fig's ‘Growth Plan' pricing. Unlike traditional loan systems, 8fig calculates your fee based on risk and potential growth, providing a tailored plan that suits your business.

Here are key points to understand:

  • No upfront costs: You only pay when you draw funds.
  • Fixed cost of capital: This ranges between 6-10% for each batch of inventory funded.
  • Fee determined by calculated risk: Your potential for growth and the level of risk associated affects your fee.
  • No credit checks required: Your online store performance is all that matters.
  • Flexible repayment schedule: Payback is optimized based on your cash flow.

This pricing model puts you in control, empowering you to grow at your desired pace without the burden of rigid repayments or high-interest rates. With 8fig, you gain access not just to continuous capital but also an enhanced ability to manage operations effectively.

Next up, we'll explore what sets 8fig apart from other financing options — its unique combination of agile financing and robust software capabilities.

Differentiation and Unique Selling Points

It's in the blend of flexible financing and powerful software that 8fig truly stands out from the crowd, offering a unique solution tailored to ecommerce businesses. This is not your typical funding platform; it's an innovative toolbox for growth. They fund up to 90% of supply chain costs and provide dynamic, continuous financing based on your business's future potential – not just past performance.

Here are some key differentiators that set 8fig apart:

Unique Selling Point



Agile Financing 

Funds based on future projections, optimizing cash flow.

Keeps you financially nimble as market conditions change.

Powerful Software

Streamlines supply chain management with intuitive dashboards.

Saves time and improves decision making.

Uncapped Financing 

Access unlimited funding with the Growth Plan.

Enables scalability without traditional financial constraints.

Risk Mitigation

Fixed cost of capital reduces personal risk.

No need to worry about fluctuating repayment amounts or interest rates.

Remember, 8fig looks at what your business could be – not just where it's been – and provides you with both the capital and tools to get there. And while managing another platform can feel daunting, the benefits outweigh this minor inconvenience when considering long-term success with 8fig.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, 8fig is a unique platform offering both financial and software solutions to optimize your ecommerce business. It provides flexible financing without equity or credit checks, while also helping you manage your supply chain effectively.

But remember, it requires proactive management and may add pressure due to outside funding. If you're seeking growth aligned with your business needs, 8fig could be the perfect fit for you!

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