Amazing advertising strategies for Amazon sellers

Before you start with marketing strategies for professional use, you have to master the easiest and most basic of such as example complete keyword mastery and engagement within social networks.

After slowly scaling your Amazon business, you may find that you need to apply other advanced techniques and methods. In this post, we will talk about several marketing strategies that you can make use of as an entrepreneur.

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Emotional Ad images

Your main image has to be only of the product to be sold and it has to be shown on a white background, but when we talk about secondary images, we can forget a little bit about the routine. You don't have to stick to common advice, you're free to play with angles. We're talking about things like the ones we show you below:

  • Comparisons between the quality of your products and the inferiority of the quality of products offered by other sellers (Competition).
  • Show the images in the best possible resolution. A minimum of approximately 1000脳1000 Megapixels will make the impact you are looking for. High-resolution images encourage buyers to zoom in and get a better angle on the images.
  • You should give tables and labels their place.
  • Make images come to life – how does this work? By creating an illusion for the buyer to imagine themselves using the product.

Since it's all about tracking sales, investment and revenue, try to do this weekly, change the images until you get the one that gets the most attention, but the suggested is to do it once every seven days.

amazon sponsored products emotional images

Start making gradual changes

At some point, you may notice that the tests only guide you so far. So, when this happens you will have to resort to surveys. We can use a third-party tool to make a list of questions and answers, with a multiple-choice type to make it easier for buyers to respond.

If you want to increase results you can try to give a small incentive to customers such as a coupon or offer a small discount on the purchase of an item, but you must be careful with the use you give to this strategy so as not to fall into a bribe that leads the platform to apply charges to your Amazon account.

As for the bullets, try to include among the first points the most striking features of your product. While in the points that follow, try to put yourself in your buyers' shoes and answer your customers' most frequently asked questions about the item you are promoting. A tip: in doing so, try to draw more attention by emphasizing more the keywords, you can highlight them in bold within a paragraph.

Bottomline: optimize. You can do that manually or using an Amazon Advertising tool such as:

Do a competitor journey analysis

To implement this strategy you'll have to invest some money, but rest assured that it's worth it. Instead of spending time looking at your competitors' sales lists, why not ask directly for their products for you to evaluate? Do your best to have a spreadsheet so you can compare items such as the following:

  • Presentation
  • Packaging of the items
  • Check the accessories the product comes with and see if they left a warranty or a way to contact the supplier.
  • A manual with detailed instructions.

Something that will depend on you, is your attitude about negative comments from the public. This is because when the buyer looks at your product and your competitor's, he will choose the one with the best rating (three stars and up). Fixing this type of problem is a great marketing strategy. This way, buyers will see how valuable your product is and why it's worth buying. All this without having to write a review for them.

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Use the tools to provide fast, complete, and efficient service

Customer questions should be answered immediately. This can be considered a good marketing strategy. Anticipate the buyer's doubts and concerns and answer them as soon as possible.

Try to use tools like the back-end. With it, you will be able to do multiple things like putting a space between words, including the plural form, as well as words that are different. Don't repeat words that we have already used in other paragraphs so as not to fall into “crutches“.

Advertise outside Amazon

Sticking solely to Amazon advertising is not a great idea. Instead focus on making sponsored posts on different social networks like Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, open a LinkedIn page, and keep Pinterest boards handy.

Take advantage of Quora and Reddit sites to get the word out about your product, rather than advertising it directly. Finally, use people with larger selling sites to get the word out about your item. Although the price may seem a bit expensive, good advertising can attract more customers, and ultimately make your business grow steadily.

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