Amazon ASIN

The ultimately Amazon ASIN tool (that does go by the same name as its service), which is FREE! (Could this get any better?)

By just adding the Amazon ASIN of the product of choice, this tool does offer a complete report about: the daily sales and revenue estimate, potential FBA profits and costs, a list of high search volume KW used for that product, keyword ranking and trends, view BuyBox price for used and new items, PPC costs and campaign phrases used, Amazon suggested KW and trending KW, as well as available sourcing options and price, and a list of competing products with the one introduced.

By the way, 70M ASINs and growing, not bad huh?

Amazon ASIN Features

With a really visual dashboard, Amazon ASIN does offer a great range of data about the product you want to analyze:

  • Validation of profitability of products.
  • Daily estimate sales and revenue.
  • Different metrics to identify competitors.
  • Seller Tracking.
  • Product Tracking.
  • Keyword Tracking.
  • PPC Strategy by KW.
  • Page Rank by KW Ranking.
  • KW indexing.
  • And Product Ideas based on:
    • BSR Jumpers.
    • Trending products.
    • New arrivals.
    • Most wished products.


Amazon ASIN is a all-in-one FREE software-tool from SellerApp. So this turns out to be a win-win situation.

Amazon ASIN Review

If you need to step up your game on Amazon, you need to get advantage of this free software so you can obtain better results from the performance of your products. Just by analyzing your competitors products (the ones that do perform better than yours), you can have an extended rank of things you can do to better your results.

Also, Amazon ASIN does offer assistance via chat, so you do not have to worry if you have some trouble understanding how to track sellers, products, or evaluating suppliers, Amazon ASIN help-assistance is there to lend you a helping hand.

With all this information you can put your brain to work in order to establish a new strategy to increase sales and Market Share, reduce PPC cost and make quick validation of new product ideas through a Product Research.

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