Amazon Badges: types & how to earn them

When it comes to selling on Amazon, there's more to success than just listing your products. You've got to stand out in the crowd, and one of the best ways is through earning Amazon Seller Badges.

But what are these badges, and how do you snag them? In this article I will guide you through the different types of badges:

  • Best-Seller
  • Amazon's Choice
  • New Release
  • Climate Pledge Friendly
  • Prime
  • Limited-Time Deal
  • Small business
  • and others
Amazon Badges - In Depth | Complete Overview of Amazon Seller Badges 2023

I will also explain their importance and offer practical tips on how to earn each one.

We'll also dive into how utilizing Savings, Coupons and Discounts can further boost your visibility and sales.

So whether you're a seasoned seller or a newbie looking for an edge on competition, this guide's here to help you understand the ins and outs of Amazon's badge system.

As usual… go go go!

Amazon badge categories and significance

It's crucial to understand that each Amazon badge serves a unique purpose and significance.

They're not just status symbols but tools for building customer trust, improving visibility, and ultimately driving sales and, yes, they're automatically assigned by Amazon's algorithm A9 .

Each badge indicates a different aspect of the product or seller's success on the platform.

different amazon labels on a search result page

Best Seller badge

This is a badge about popularity or being simply a best-seller (the BSR 1 product) on a certain category or subcategory

Amazon's Choice badge

This is the best-seller for a certain keyword. It could be a generic keyword or a branded keyword.

best seller and amazons choice badges

Climate Pledge Friendly

This badge is about environmental sustainability on products with a third-party qualification: Fairtrade, Compact By Design, Bluesign, Ecologo…

Prime badge

Prime eligible products, meaning they're on Amazon FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime.

New Release Badge

The New Release Badge signifies products that have achieved high sales velocity within their first 45-90 days of release or the “honey moon period”.

Limited-time deal badge

On the other hand, badges like Limited-Time Deal indicate special offers available only for a specific period.

amazon deal of the day badge

But there's more, here an exhaustive list of the rest of this Amazon badges, as far as we know:

  • Small business badge: products sold by small business brands
  • Deal of the day: an outstanding discount, often tied to a flash seal or lighting deal
  • Editorial recommendations: products recommended by Amazon influencers and the OnSite affiliates program
  • Top Brand badge: actually, it's self explanatory
  • Black-Owned Business badge: a product sold by a Black-owned business
  • Prime early access deals: products with deals early accessible just for Prime members
  • FSA or HSA eligible: products elegible for pre-tax accounts you can use to pay for healthcare related expenses (FSA and HSA)
  • SNAP EBT eligible: SNAP – USDA Food and Nutrition Service elegible products
  • Amazon brand: Amazon owned brand or white brands
  • And other badges, as you can find specific ones for each country

amazon black owned business badge

These badges are instrumental in grabbing customer attention and enhancing shopping experiences.

However, obtaining these badges requires meeting certain criteria, including sales volume and effective marketing strategy, among others.

You'll need to optimize your product listing, review pricing strategies, and boost conversion rates to stand a chance at earning these prestigious identifiers.

As we dive deeper into understanding how one can acquire coveted badges such as the Best-Seller or Choice badge, remember that these emblems aren't merely goals in themselves but rather markers of success on Amazon's platform. They represent recognition for hard work and strategic planning and that also means more sales and better conversion rates.

Acquiring Best-Seller and Choice badges

Let's dive into how you can get the Best-Seller or Choice badge. As you may imagine, earning these badges isn't about luck, but about strategic planning and consistent effort.

Just if you're curious, the same search results page can show more than one best seller badge, but just one Amazon's Choice Badge. Take a look:

multiple amazon best seller badge

How to win the Amazon Best Seller badge

To bag the Best-Seller Badge, focus on boosting organic sales, reviewing your pricing strategy, optimizing your product listing, and improving conversion rates. It's all about showcasing what makes your product unique and appealing to customers.

Be always optimizing your CVR metrics and try to scale to the top of the BSR (Best Seller Rank) of your main category or subcategories. Is not impossible for a Seller although, for some ultra competed categories, Best Seller badges are often owned by big brands, mostly selling through Amazon Retail. Amazon white brands are also top sellers on their categories so it's easy to find Best Sellers on competed categories with brands such as Solimo, Amazon Basics, Amazon Elements, Stone & Beam, Rivet and others.

amazon brand badge

Expert tip

I learn this trick from Kevin King.

If you want to win the Best Seller Badge, you can always search for a less competed subcategory. Keepa is ideal to do that. Dive into the category tree and search for a less competed category. Then copy the ID and ask Amazon Seller Support to change your subcategory node to that ID. The less competitors, the better your Best Seller Rank.

keepa category tree to win best seller badge

How to win the Amazon's Choice Badge

Well, this one is easier actually, as it's a keyword based badge. Best selling products that match popular customer searches earn this badge.

Therefore, it's crucial to optimize for frequently searched keywords related to your product.

Additionally, high customer ratings and a robust conversion rate are essential factors in earning this badge. According to Amazon, the requirements are:

Amazon's Choice highlights highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.

Don't feel shackled by these requirements though! They're merely guidelines that pave the way towards greater visibility and success on Amazon. I always recommend my clients to focus on the main requirements + the tips they can find on the main listings, for example, the main keywords for the reviews:

amazon reviews keywords

So if your product is not fresh, has a great flavor, is giftable or has value for money, I don't think you're getting any badge at all.

So, the key takeaway here is continuous improvement. Keep refining your marketing strategies based on customer feedback and industry trends and always improve your CVR and your main keywords conversions (both organic and paid).

As we transition into discussing new release badges and climate pledge friendly ones next, remember: each badge serves a unique purpose in making your product stand out amidst fierce competition.

How to get the New Release badge

New products with high sales velocity sometimes get the New Release badge, which is a valuable ally in your first 90 days on the market aka known as the Honey Moon Period, though it's actually called, according to the Amazon A9 patents “The Cold Start Service” and it's not always 45-90 days, as explained on the Machine learning based database query retrieval patent filed on March 2022.

This badge is awarded to fresh products that catch the customer's eye and achieve impressive sales within this initial period. To earn it, sellers need to optimize their product page meticulously and ensure they rank on the first page for their primary keyword

climate pledge friendly and new release amazon badges

How to win Amazon's Climate Pledge Friendly badge

On another front, there's the Climate Pledge Friendly badge or Amazon's nod to environmental responsibility.

This distinct green emblem signifies that your product meets specific sustainability standards as certified by Amazon's partners on green certifications.

There are as much as 48 certifications and growing. Some of them are:

  • BIFMA LEVEL certified products
  • Certified Animal Welfare Approved products
  • ECOLOGO certified products
  • Fair for Life certified products
  • Global Organic Textile Standard certified products
  • GreenCircle Certified: Certified Energy Savings products
  • MADE SAFE certified products
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified products
  • Organic Content Standard Blended certified products
  • Reducing CO2 certified products
  • Soil Association certified products
  • TCO Certified products
  • U.S. EPA Design for the Environment products
  • WaterSense certified products

It offers customers an easy way to identify more sustainable choices, thus aligning with their own eco-friendly values.

To wear this badge proudly on your listing, you must ensure your products are recognized by Amazon's sustainability certification partners. These badges represent not just achievements but also responsibilities towards customers – providing them with quality new releases and contributing to a greener planet.

Now let us take a brief detour into another interesting duo of badges – Prime and Limited-Time Deal, which hold immense potential for enhancing seller visibility on Amazon.

amazon climate pledge friendly badge

Prime and Limited-Time Deal badges

Both badges carry immense potential to skyrocket your visibility and sales on the platform: one is about convenience and the other one about flash pricing offers.

How to get the Prime Badge

The Prime badge is a token of trust for customers, signaling that your product qualifies for Amazon's speedy delivery service. To earn this coveted emblem, you need to enter the Amazon FBA program or qualify for Seller Fulfilled Prime and complete a trial period.

Every Amazon Retail (or Amazon Vendor) product is under Prime also, so they get the badge, wether the product is stored and dispatched by Amazon Logistics or it's under the VOC (Vendor Own Carrier) program, which means that the Vendor himself stores the product and also the fulfillment.

amazon prime early access deals badge

How to get the Limited-Time Deal badge

The Limited-Time Deal badge signifies special offers available only for a brief span. This red banner raises customer curiosity and encourages quick purchases to avoid missing out on deals. You know price is key here so this is the kind of deal you can run when you want to “clean the shelf” or lanching a new product to get fast Sales Velocity.

To activate this deal, go to your Amazon Seller Central account and meet the specific criterias:

  • Being prime eligible
  • Having at least three-star ratings
  • Ensuring your product is in brand-new condition

These badges aren't just pretty digital ornaments but potent tools that can significantly boost your sales volume and profitability.

They serve as visual endorsements from Amazon itself, enhancing customer trust while making you stand out in the crowded marketplace. Next up: optimizing strategies around savings, coupons, discounts. These techniques can complement your earned badges by making them even more enticing to potential buyers.

Utilizing savings, coupons, 2×1 and discounts

They say the fastest way to a customer's heart is through their wallet. And Amazon provides sellers with badges like:

  • Extra Savings
  • Coupons
  • Discounts
  • 2×1

To make their products more attractive. These badges appear on products that are being sold at a discount or have applicable coupons which you can activate on the Offers section of your Seller Central account.

How to create a Deal in the Amazon store

By offering these incentives, sellers can grab the attention of budget-conscious shoppers who may not have otherwise considered their product.

It's simply about giving customers the freedom to shop without breaking the bank. As discussed, controlled from Amazon Seller Central, it's important for sellers to note that there is a fee associated with coupon redemptions but this small cost can be outweighed by increased sales volume.

Coupons can either offer a percentage-off, free units or money-off discount. Pairing these savings with other badges such as ‘Deal of The Day' or ‘Limited-Time Deal' could further entice customers towards purchasing your product.

amazon deals and coupons badges

Final Thoughts

Understanding Amazon Seller Badges is vital for sellers who want to boost their visibility and credibility on the platform. Each badge, such as Best-Seller or Prime, has its own criteria and benefits.

By optimizing product listings, improving sales and offering deals, sellers can earn these badges and stand out in the crowded marketplace. They're a powerful tool that can help drive sales and increase profitability. If you're looking for tools to monitor your Amazon products and, specifically, badges, check out AMZAlert. It's the only tool I know that will send and instant alert once you get the Amazon's Choice or the Best Seller badge.

If you need to keep an eye on your Amazon listings, AMZMonitor and other Amazon alert tools might be the solution for you. For those looking to launch a new product on Amazon, consider using Amazon Product Launch Using Rebaid to gain traction quickly.

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