Amazon Buy Box

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box is the holy grail for sellers. Amazon BB's is a white box located on the right side of your product detail page, just imagine how powerful and useful this can be for your online business and the profit you take from it.

The Buy Box owner is the one getting the order once a customer places and order clicking the buy button, quick, fast and the invoice comes to you.

How do you know if your product is Amazon Buy Box eligible?

Not all the sellers are elegible for the Buy Box. You need:

  • The best price + shipping cost
  • A great fulfillment option (the best one is fulfilled by Amazon)
  • Constant stock
  • Great reviews (average and amount of reviews)
  • Plus other factors that you can learn on this post: "How to win the Buy Box"

In order to have Buy Box eligibility you will have always to have the best price + shipping cost combination and that's why you will need an Amazon repricer.

Amazon Buy Box monitoring tools

An Amazon Buy Box monitoring software can help you fit the variables to be elegible for the Buy Box:

  • Buy box monitoring
  • Stock monitoring
  • Buy box notifications (when you win or loose the BB)
  • Buy Box pricings
  • Buy Box fulfillment options
  • Buy Box hijacking alerts