Best Amazon FBA Reddit Communities

The Amazon FBA Reddit communities known as “subreddits” are ideal for providing you with comprehensive learning about Amazon FBA and are full of advice from experienced marketplace sellers. Much of the success of entrepreneurs in the digital commerce world is founded on the strategies they learn from other people.

There is an inexhaustible wealth of information on the web in the form of tutorials, podcasts, and articles aimed at educating you as an online marketer. You have all the tools at your fingertips although you have to spend some of your time choosing them. Tools you may find useful are the Subreddits mentioned below:

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We will talk in detail about each of the subreddits in this list. For sure they can help you on your way as an entrepreneur especially because they were chosen for their popularity. Although they are not the only ones that exist, the ones mentioned in this post are considered the main Amazon FBA subreddits, and their publications will give you what you need for your training as a digital merchant.

best reddit groups for amazon fba sellers

/r/ FulfillmentByAmazon

This subreddit is a compilation of the latest news from the digital world, in terms of the latest news, updates, and articles concerning Amazon, along with several personal posts from sellers, providing different optics of the business system. There is also a series of weekly questions and answers where anyone can get answers to their most unusual questions.

It should be noted that the Amazon site should be used as a referral site for those following their privacy policies and various rules.聽 However, /r/FulfillmentByAmazon is a very easy way to learn about the general concepts of the platform. Its approach balances technical and creative concepts and encourages thinking about content and product ideas for sale.

To me, this is the only community you may need if you are an Amazon Seller looking for help. I've found solutions to blackhat, listing hijacking, over-charging on my fees and other complicated stuff. Of course, you can try on the Amazon Seller Central official Forums but, as those are moderated by Amazon, I would stay away from them.

/r/ AmazonTools

A special subreddit for me, as this is my own Reddit Group for Amazon Sellers. We discuss Amazon Tools for Sellers, coupon codes, daily problems and other stuff. My group is pretty similar to /r/AmazonFBATips, where you can also find daily tips and stuff about Amazon Seller Tools that will make your daily job easier.


While admittedly a bit smaller AmazonFBAHelp is intended to post links and articles with information related to Amazon FBA. Such posts are customized and contain list optimization strategies from the mod (moderator) Updates on the successes and failures of the products they released on-air, how we can engineer product ideas, and crucial mistakes that can and should be avoided at all costs.

The mod will also take you to other articles of interest via links designed to get you thinking about other topics, opinions, and concepts that you may find novel. The subreddit will provide you with a comprehensive education with fundamentals in Amazon logistics being its main focus. It is a fairly comprehensive site, even though it is not that broad it includes realistic and current information.


One thing you should keep in mind is that when visiting a Reddit you should pay attention to the capital and lowercase words, this specific subreddit is written with a capitalE‘. It has approximately half a million subscribers and at least a thousand active Redditors. At the top of the page, you'll find its most popular posts.

With so many users interested in Amazon's platform, you're bound to get a detailed answer to your question or be able to access a post with lots of comments. One thing is for sure, you will have a wealth of information available. A special feature is that every Wednesday, there is a fixed thread of information called “Wednesday Entrepreneur Wishes” where new entrepreneurs can ask any question they have in mind.

Similar subreddits not just focused on Amazon but helpful for sellers are:


This is THE begginers community for Amazon FBA Sellers. Tutorials and tips on how to start your Amazon FBA Business and, of course, lots of people on the community helping each other. To me, one of the most underrated communities on Reddit.

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If you're an FBA Pro, this is your community. Advanced topics discussed for and by verified Sellers making +$1MM yearly on Amazon world wide.

Subreddits covering Amazon related topics


The /r/AmazonUnder25 subreddit is a collection of excellent ideas for selling products, as shoppers have to choose from fairly inexpensive items that fit their preferences and are inexpensive. They give you an immediate idea of what the customer is interested in. Learning how to connect with a large audience regardless of gender will make you a best-seller.


Weird Stuff, not the usual WTF.聽It is important to highlight /r/wtfamazon whose content is ideal for diversifying into low categories or with little competition. It has an original criterion in which the elements are unique or rare. Not for nothing, its description refers to the expression “WTF“. It is worth making the effort to visit the subreddit as there you will find creative posts with quite eye-catching titles.


Although we mention /r/AmazonSeller as the last subreddit in this compilation, it is still an excellent site.聽 It is structured to address a wide range of topics related to selling products on Amazon. Such aspects cover the pros and cons of trading within the platform, tips and opinions gleaned from personal experiences. The posts are well-written and the comments enrich the subreddit to the point of giving users a balanced view of selling on Amazon.

And that's it! You have lots of awesome subreddits on Amazon FBA available to you the moment you decide to visit them. You have good reason to do so, but check them out for yourself, head over to any of the sites mentioned in this post, and do your review.

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