What is Amazon Marketing Cloud

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is an advertising and data analytics platform designed specifically to help advertisers maximize the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns on Amazon. AMC combines the power of data analytics with the ability to manage advertising campaigns on the leading e-commerce platform.

How Amazon Marketing Cloud works

AMC uses advanced technology to collect and analyze data from advertising campaigns on Amazon. Through its Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based infrastructure, AMC processes large volumes of data and provides detailed analytics on ad campaign performance. This data can be extracted via a console or through AMC's API.

Benefits of Amazon Marketing Cloud

Real-time 360Âş measurement

AMC enables holistic measurement of advertising campaigns on Amazon. It provides real-time and detailed data on campaign performance, allowing advertisers to effectively evaluate and adjust their strategy by weighting investments based on current campaign performance.

Analytics from A to Z

AMC offers flexible analytics tools that allow advertisers to drill down into data and gain valuable insights into shopper behavior, buying trends and advertising ROI.

Information from different media

AMC allows advertisers to access data from different advertising media within Amazon, such as Amazon Advertising Platform and Amazon DSP. This facilitates a complete and unified view of advertising campaigns across different channels.

You can add data from:

  • Amazon Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Display
  • Prime TV commercials
  • Amazon Music Ads
  • Amazon Audible ads
  • ABVP (Amazon Brand View Pro)
  • Sizmek (formerly known as Amazon Ad Server)
  • And other traffic channels

Privacy first

AMC provides a secure environment for data privacy. It complies with Amazon's data privacy policies and regulations, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of advertisers' information.

What is the Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Who can join the Amazon Marketing Cloud?

AMC is available to advertisers using Amazon's advertising platform. To access AMC, advertisers must meet certain requirements and conditions set by Amazon.

AMC eligibility requirements

  1. Have a signed master services agreement (MSA) with Amazon DSP
  2. Campaigns planned or active in the last 28 days in DSP
  3. A technical profile in the company who knows SQL (Structured Query Language).
  4. If you are going to use the Amazon Marketing Cloud API, you will also need an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.

In which countries is available

AMC is available in the following countries:

  • North America: Canada, Mexico, United States
  • South America: Brazil
  • Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Italy, Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, UAE
  • Asia-Pacific: Australia, India, Japan, Singapore

In which countries is not available

New Marketplaces such as Belgium, Egypt, Sweden or Poland are, for the time being (May 2023) excluded from AMC.

How brands use AMC

For brands and advertisers, AMC represents a very good option for detailed and omnichannel analytics. Let's take a look at some of the advantages:

Detailed analysis of the campaign

AMC allows advertisers to analyze in detail the performance of their advertising campaigns. It provides information on

  • Prints
  • Clics
  • Click Through Rate
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate
  • Purchase Rate
  • Time to purchase
  • Brand engagement
  • Ads indirect impact
  • Etc

And other key indicators to evaluate the success of campaigns and make strategic adjustments.

Media mix analysis

AMC provides advertisers with a 360Âş view of the media mix used in their advertising campaigns. This includes data on display ads, search ads, programmatic advertising and more. With this information, advertisers can evaluate the effectiveness of each channel and optimize their advertising strategy.

Amazon Marketing Cloud user's data

Hearing information

AMC provides detailed data on target audiences for advertising campaigns. Advertisers can access demographic, behavioral and interest information about Amazon shoppers. This allows them to personalize and target their ads to specific audiences, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of their campaigns.

This information matches the audiences we can find within Sponsored Display campaigns, for example: Lifestyle, Interests, Life Events and Amazon's internal customer market.

Evaluation of sales flow

AMC enables advertisers to evaluate the entire advertising process, from planning to execution and analysis. They can track the performance of their campaigns at every stage, identify areas for improvement and continuously optimize their advertising strategies. Amazon calls this flow the “path to purchase”.

amazon marketing cloud path to purchase

Customized attribution

AMC offers advanced attribution capabilities, which means you can assign the right value to each buyer touch point on their path to conversion by following either proprietary attribution models or classic models such as:

  • Linear
  • First click
  • Last click
  • Decline over time
  • Depending on the position
  • Based on data
  • Or use a proprietary model

This allows them to better understand which tactics and advertising channels are generating the best results and adjust their investment accordingly.


AMC enables advertisers to measure the impact of their advertising campaigns across multiple channels, both on and off Amazon. They can evaluate how shopper interactions across different touch points, such as mobile devices, desktop computers and physical stores, contribute to the success of their campaigns.

How to get started with Amazon Marketing Cloud

To get started with Amazon Marketing Cloud, advertisers should follow these steps:

  1. Become an Amazon Ads Verified Partner: Advertisers must meet Amazon's requirements and obtain Amazon Ads Verified Partner certification to access AMC.
  2. Account setup and linking: Advertisers must set up their AMC account and link it to their Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Advertising Console account.
  3. Explore tools and features: Once an account is set up, advertisers can explore AMC's various tools and functionalities, such as data analytics, campaign optimization and conversion attribution.
  4. Define objectives and strategy: Advertisers should establish their campaign objectives and develop a sound advertising strategy based on the data and capabilities offered by AMC.
  5. Monitor and optimize: It is critical to regularly monitor the performance of AMC ad campaigns and make strategic adjustments to maximize results.

amazon marketing cloud audience reach analysis

Is Amazon Marketing Cloud worth it?

Well, I would say it depends on the goals and needs of each advertiser, as well as the budget they have for the campaigns. AMC offers a wide range of valuable tools and capabilities, so if it fits your strategy and you have the money and resources, of course it's worth it.

With AMC's analytics and optimization capabilities, brands can identify trends, segment audiences, adjust bids and budgets, and evaluate the ROI of their campaigns. This allows them to go beyond the classic Performance Marketing campaigns offered by Amazon through SP, SB or SD and get a complete and detailed view of the performance of their ads on Amazon.

In addition, AMC's ability to provide an omnichannel view I believe is particularly valuable, as it allows advertisers to understand the impact of their campaigns across different touch points, both inside and outside of Amazon. This allows them to adapt their advertising strategy accordingly and maximize the reach of their ads.

Which agencies offer the AMC service

Amazon Marketing Cloud is an accessible platform for advertisers, and there are several specialized agencies that offer AMC-related services, such as:

Frequently asked questions about Marketing Cloud

What's the difference between Amazon Marketing Cloud and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)?

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a broader platform that encompasses both ad campaign management and data analytics. On the other hand, Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) focuses specifically on the management and execution of Sponsored Products, Brands and Display ads, focusing more on Performance, i.e. sales. And having as main metrics sales, ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

That said, AMC uses AAP data, along with other Amazon data, to provide a more complete and in-depth analysis.

What certifications exist for Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Currently, there is no specific certification for Amazon Marketing Cloud. However, advertisers can obtain Amazon Ads Verified Partner certification to access AMC.

How does Amazon ensure data privacy and security at AMC?

Amazon follows strict data privacy policies and standards to protect advertiser information at AMC. Security measures and controls are in place to ensure that data is kept secure and used responsibly.


In a nutshell, Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a huge, data-rich cloud for advertisers who want to improve the effectiveness of their Amazon ad campaigns.

With AMC's capabilities in data analytics, campaign optimization and custom attribution, brands have access to the tools they need to make data-driven decisions and succeed in the competitive environment of the largest marketplace in Europe and the Americas. By leveraging AMC's capabilities and working with specialized agencies, advertisers can achieve even better results by working hand-in-hand with experts in managing all the data the platform has to offer.

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