By using an Amazon review analysis tool, you can automatize every part of the process when asking for reviews.

Recommended feedback tool

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Amazon review analysis tools (also know as Amazon feedback tools) are a great way to save time an automatize the emails you're sending to your customers once they receive their orders, and the metrics data of these emails.

Why do you need an Amazon review analysis tool?

As you will know, reviews are on of the key factors when trying to rank higher on Amazon's organic results, so you need lots of reviews and an excellent average. And, most important, you need to remove negative feedback. Having more than a 3% of negative feedback on your account could cause bad rankings or account blockings. An Amazon review analysis tool will help you:
  • - manage reviews
  • - spot negative feedback and take action
  • - check your review average per product
  • - get real time alerts once feedback is placed
  • - use positive reviews to improve your descriptions
  • - use negative reviews for the same purposes
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