Category: Amazon Scraper

Never used an Amazon Scraper? Scraping is the easiest way to spot data online and gather it into a file (XML, CSV, Google Spreadsheet…), you decide how you want to treat that data later on to optimize your Amazon business.

Product scrapers or price scrapers are great ways to collect data on your competitors such as:
  • - Product details and descriptions to use them on your own descriptions or your Amazon adversiting campaigns
  • - Monitor product prices, stocks or availability
  • - Find customer reviews and use them to improve your descriptions
  • - Find competitor's offers and deals
  • - Get new ideas for your product listings
If you collect this information, it will be easier for you to spot new opportunities and monitor what your competition is doing. Consider using an Amazon product research tool as well as a complement to the scrapped info. Find the best Amazon scrapping tools here and start spying on your enemies.