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If you are familiar with fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you will know their fees as well, which can cut your margins dramatically.

Of course, FBA is a great way to sell and scale, but their are not going to let you create a business from scratch and not receiving anything in return. It's not a cheap option, considering that they can charge you for almost everything. Penalisations and fees for storing your items more than 6 months, are a good example.

That's why Amazon Storage makes sense. Did you know that there are companies focused on storaging you FBA products and that can send your inventory to Amazon warehouses just in time and for a cheaper price? This companies receive your stock directly from your warehouse or manufacturer, prep it for FBA, rebox it and relabel it.

Less work and, of course, cheaper than if you hire the same services from an Amazon warehouse.

Start saving money today!

Other services on Amazon FBA storage companies

Not only you will find warehouses for your products. This companies offer more services tailored for sellers like:

  • - FBA inspection
  • - FBA labelling and relabelling
  • - FBA prep
  • - FBA boxing
  • - FBA sourcing