This time we bring you a really effective Amazon course. There is so much on offer these days and it's a little hard to be sure of the decision we make, so you can take this post as a recommendation.

AmazonLit, has more than proven experience selling on Amazon and offering mentoring to other sellers, has one of the most robust training programs I've seen recently.

Who is AmazonLit?

It's always important to know who is behind each course. In this case, it is not a business school and precisely this may be one of the aspects that will appeal to many of its students.

amazonlit crew

AmazonLit is a company led by two entrepreneurs who have managed to achieve success working from practically scratch. The eminently practical nature of their way of explaining the reality of selling on Amazon and the fact that they share their own methodology adds a lot of value.

We insist on this because they hold nothing back. Enrolling in EsellersRI which is their course paired with their weekly mentoring program and private FB group you realize from minute 1 that they are putting on the table everything they have learned (and it is a lot).

You should know that we are talking about a company with more than considerable numbers. Gone are the early years in a basement in New Jersey, back in 2013 when they started in this, today they have a team of more than 45 employees working in a 20,000 square feet warehouse.

What does this growth represent in terms of money? Well, the not inconsiderable amount of $160,000,000 in sales in the last 7 years.

This is what they offer us in their EsellersRI course: a method that is not magic, simply their experience applied to the different challenges of selling on Amazon.

EsellersRI: a very complete online course

They offer us economic independence and the idea of self-employment with a business model based on Amazon. EsellersRI provides us with all the necessary knowledge to achieve this and, in addition, the permanent support of both AmzonLit and the community that they themselves have created around their training programs.

The program

It is composed of 17 independent but interrelated modules. Each of them must be mastered before progressing to the next one, as there are concepts covered in detail for massive growth.

What do these modules contain? Starting from a strategic conception of the business, we move on to the selection of the tools that will help us make the difference with respect to the competition, we discover profitable products and niches, we learn how to create relationships with other players and we also get into more tactical matters such as the optimal creation of listings, platform management, logistics, fees and finances…

We must say that of all the courses we have had the opportunity to see, this one focuses on things that are often overlooked and critical. We are referring to aspects such as supplier management and identification, inventory, shipments and, most importantly, how to optimize all the processes that involve them.

This is where the practical orientation of the training offered by AmazonLift can best be seen.

The methodology

This is a digital course paired with live weekly mentoring. This is a program that seeks to be compatible with professional dedication to a professional project. This is something that is evident when we start to follow the classes from our computer.

The first thing we find when we contract our course is that they have opted for the moodle platform. Personally we find it one of the most efficient, intuitive and comfortable to use; all resources are always available, calendars, alerts and other functions are very practical. A great success.

Let's get into the video sessions: they are demanding but easy to follow. The communication is direct and the support materials (checklists, templates, infographics, links…) help a lot to understand the concepts and their implementation.

Each group and module has the possibility of using a forum for students and teachers to interact and solve specific doubts that arise during the classes.

Another of the highlights is what they have called Power Calls. These are weekly live coaching calls in which creators Eric & Sebastian solve specific doubts raised by students (advice applied to our business that is equivalent to personalized consulting). Since the groups are small and well balanced, everything that is shared is appropriate for the rest of the group members.

By the way, all these calls are recorded and time stamped so that we can come back to them if necessary, or simply if we have not been able to attend.

Our thougths

As you can see reading the analysis, we think it is a really useful and comprehensive Amazon course. If you are looking for a 100% practical course made by people that ACTUALLY made and continue to make consistent money on Amazon during years (not just a few months), this is it!

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