AMAZvol is an easy and intuitive Amazon tool to analyze the search volume of keywords and terms. The results are presented by estimated do cover the Amazon market for 11 countries: USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Mexico, Japan, Italy, India, France, Spain and Germany

This Amazon Keyword Research tool does keep up-to-date real shopper search data from global markets all around the world, which will help you to optimize your products and PPC Ads, so you can get to the highest sales rank.

AMAZvol Features

AMAZvol is a really easy-to-use Amazon Keyword Research tool does offer quite little features but that are pretty useful:

  • Amazon KW (related to your word or phrase).
  • Estimated Monthly Search Volume.
  • Dominant Categories (where the searched term does appear).


You can try AMAZvol for free on the main slider/banner of the website, but you are not going to receive proper information about the topic, phrase or keyword you are analyzing. The free-trial result will only show you how many


This Amazon tool does work wonders with the way you can get results on your journey being an Amazon seller. Feel free to experiment with your keyword research for your Amazon shop, and start optimizing your ASO and Ads campaign so you can have the best performance and ROI of your CPC investment.

You can opt for a monthly bill of $19.90 or by a yearly bill of $199.90, and you will get unlimited searches, information for Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and the US.

AMAZvol Review

Even though is kind of a simple tool, the information that it provides is really useful and so intuitive to use. You really just get what you are expecting, not more, but not less.

This Amazon tools reminds us of the interface results of the old version of Google Ads Keyword Planner.

Our score

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  • User Friendly

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