AMZHive is a large suite of tools for sellers, allowing them to have one affordable plan on a sleek website, instead of dealing with 3 or 4 separate services on different websites or apps.

This is a powerful tool suite for Amazon sellers that allows them to better understand their sales and customers, keep their listings protected from hijackings and bad reviews, and allows them to send automated emails to their customers to request feedback and product reviews.

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The only problem (at least for me) is that it only works in USA, Canada and Mexico

AMZHive features

5 different services and tools for sellers, including:

  • A clean site to view sales trends with graphs
  • Monitors Amazon listings and alerts sellers if their listing is being hijacked, inventory is running low, etc.
  • Shows Profit / Loss with a detailed breakdown of fees, plus their best and worst performing products
  • Monitors product reviews and seller feedback and alert sellers when they receive new feedback
  • Email marketing tool for customer feedback: sending customers automated messages asking for reviews, feedback, etc.

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Lets break down this services one by one:

Business Performance

Contains dashboards to understand and breakdown your sales, allowing you to truly see where and who you are selling to.

The Profit & Loss page also allows for a full breakdown of your net profit, after Amazon fees, manufacturing fees (the platform allows you to add supplier information and landing costs), as well as see which products are your top achievers and which are under performing.

Inventory Management

Keeps track of your inventory across all marketplaces, give an estimate of how long before you sell out, and even will alert you (via email or SMS) when you need to restock.

Marketing Management

With the Promotion Performance tool, you can see exactly how your Amazon promotions are being used by real customers. They also have a Customer Export Tool which exports your customers to a Facebook-audience ready file format, allowing you to target them directly via Facebook ads.

Account Protection

The tool is constantly monitoring seller listings for potential hijacking attempts, and alert them as soon as they detect something that could be a hijacking.

Reputation Management

Automated Feedback Emails to customers allow sellers to double their review rate while they sleep.

Their powerful message engine allows inserting personalized “tags” (customer name, product name, tracking link, etc.), and allows for any scheduling you can imagine (5 days after ordered, 30 days after delivered).

AMZHive also monitors storefronts and each listing to alert sellers when they receive poor feedback, allowing them to take action as soon as possible, minimizing the sales losses.

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AMZHive has 3 plans. Every plan includes all the features. The major differences between plans is the number of automated emails allowed, and the number of products monitored for reviews and hijacking.

Startup plan($19/mo)

  • Every feature available
  • Automated Feedback Emails: 2,500
  • Products Scanned for Reviews: 5
  • Inventory alerts: email
  • Feedback alerts: email
  • Support:聽Slack / Email


  • Every feature available
  • Automated Feedback Emails: 10,000
  • Products Scanned for Reviews: 100
  • Inventory alerts: email
  • Feedback alerts: email
  • Support:聽Slack / Email

Enterprise plan ($199/mo)

  • Every feature available
  • Automated Feedback Emails: 50,000
  • Products Scanned for Reviews: 5,000
  • Inventory alerts: sms
  • Feedback alerts: sms
  • Support:聽phone
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14 day free trial with no credit card required.

AMZHive Review

Thought we couldn't try it with any of our clients (it doesn't work for Amazon's Spanish marketplace), the demo and the dashboards look great and I think it's a perfect combination to those who want to have detailed analytics + some real time alert services.

If you want to know more about the tool and a detailed review, check the interview we did to Brandon, AMZHive's creator

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