AMZScout provides Amazon Sellers, Resellers, Arbitragers and Dropshippers with a set of tools that will help them start selling on Amazon easily. In addition to an AMZScout’s PRO Extension you’ll also have access to many other product research tools, competitor data analysis instruments, keyword research apps and a variety of learning materials.

AMZScout features a constant updated +20M product database

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AMZScout features

AMZScout PRO Extension

AMZScout’s PRO Extension is a powerful Amazon product research Chrome extension. It simplifies the process of finding profitable products to sell on Amazon and grants you access to valuable sales data as you browse the marketplace. This data includes sales volume, rank, price history, competition, trend, and much more. The main beneficial features are listed below:

  • Sales and Profit Estimates: Evaluate how much you can earn with the product and niche you’ve chosen. You can see estimated monthly revenue, price, and Amazon fees.
  • Niche and Product History: You can see how rank, price, and sales of particular products and niches have changed over the course of two years all in one comprehensive chart.
  • Product Score for Reselling: In this column, you’ll see scores for all products and choose the best options for resellers. This indicator is calculated based on competition among existing sellers, demand, and margins. The higher the score, the better. Recommendation: Pay close attention to products with a score of 6 or higher.
  • Product Score for Private Label: This indicator shows scores of products on the basis of demand, competition in the niche, and margins, which are extremely helpful for choosing items for Private Labeling. You should focus primarily on products with a score of 6 or higher.
  • Best-Seller Ranking: Explore historical data on the rank that Amazon assigns to the particular product based on historical sales data.
  • Ratings and Reviews: You can explore all of the data connected to reviews, such as their number and the overall product rating. This will help you evaluate how challenging it is going to be for a new seller to compete with existing sellers.
  • Key Product Characteristics (weight, variants, etc.): You can see the main dimensions of an item: its weight, size, and the number of product variants, such as colors, designs, and configurations.
  • Product Variations: Discover the most profitable product variations, such as color, size, and other various configurations, to help maximize your earnings. Make informed decisions based on estimated sales, revenue, ratings, and number of reviews.
  • Best-Selling Products in Any Brand: Search for the brand you're interested in selling, click on the brand link, and access their full list of available products. Find the special “hot” label in front of the most profitable products in the PRO Extension popup, compare estimated sales, revenue, and the overall Product Score for Reselling.
  • Listing Quality Score: Analyze competitor listings to gauge their quality and determine if you need to improve your own listing. If there are too many low-quality listings in the niche, you will gain a competitive advantage by enhancing the quality of your listing.
  • Profit Calculator: Determine your potential profits for selling a chosen product with the help of a detailed calculator. Enter any types of expenses, such as taxes and shipping prices, and see profit info results.
  • Add to Tracker: Track daily product sales and rank changes of a chosen item.
  • Find Keywords: See the list of keywords and phrases that are used in other successful listings. This is especially helpful for your keyword research process!
  • Find Suppliers: search directly for suppliers on Alibaba and Google in just one click.
  • Type of Sellers: explore which type of seller markets each particular product: FBA, FBM, or Amazon itself. This info is important to know when Amazon sells a product on its own, as it’s going to be difficult for any other seller to compete with it.

So… with just one click and you're getting all your niche information.

amzscout PRO chrome extension

AMZScout Product Database

Look through +20 millions of Amazon products using AMZScout's database. Wether you're a begginer or an Amazon selling expert, you can find superior products to sell in the most profitable niches the easy way. You can set any number of filters and see results in seconds:

Manually set filters for better results

Choose from among 24 categories to determine which ones are most compelling to you. Include and exclude certain keywords, choose the number of sales, price range, number of reviews, number of sellers, LQS (listing quality score), set the date when the product became available on Amazon, and set many other filters to narrow down your search.

Use the pre-installed filters

If those filters feel too much for you, you can always make use of a pre-installed set of filters with Product Selections. Waste no time by choosing options such as 1,000 top products in any category, products with low initial costs, and specific products with high demand and low competition.

Find new and trending products

Enter checkmarks and get a list of new and trending products only.

See results

View your results in a table: estimated monthly sales volume, the projected monthly revenue, the rank of your product within its category and all of the other metrics you’ve set in filters.

amzscout product database

AMZScout Amazon Product Tracker

Add any products sold by competitors and product ideas you want to track so you can monitor daily fluctuations in product sales and other metrics. See indicators in dynamics according to the graph, including how the number of reviews, product ratings, sales, and stock balances change over time. Compare the average values in the table. The main data you can track to make accurate decisions about products to sell is below.

  • Inventory: View the current quantity of items available in stock.
  • Estimated Daily Sales and Revenue: See the average number of sales and monitor the average revenue generated per day.

AMZScout Online Arbitrage, Dropshipping, and Wholesale Extension

You can easily determine the profitability, price history, keywords, and many other features of a product for dropshipping, arbitrage, or wholesale.

Choose the most compelling product on an Amazon Search Page

Get access to information like Estimated Monthly Sales, Margins, BSR, ASIN, Size, and more, that will appear on the Search Page in the windows below each product. This will help you choose the most appealing item from the list.

Analyze any chosen product more in-depth on an Item Page

You can see the most thorough information about the product, including:

  • The Buy Box Owner history.
  • Buy Box price and minimum price history.
  • BSR and its history.
  • Sales restrictions (such as Gated categories, hazardous materials, trademarks, and more).
  • The number of sellers for each type: FBA, FBM, or Amazon.
  • Profit calculator.
  • …and much more.

AMZScout Online Arbitrage, Dropshipping, and Wholesale Extension

AMZScout Amazon Keyword Search toolset

This tool allows you to estimate the search volume for different keywords. You can enter a keyword and see its search volume instantly, as well as additional ideas for phrases containing this keyword.

AMZScout Reverse ASIN Lookup

See which keywords are used by a product with a certain ASIN to find some additional keyword ideas for your listing or advertising. In addition, you can understand which keywords users usually enter to find competitor's listings. Check the parameters below to find relevant keywords.

AMZScout Reverse ASIN Lookup

Multiple ASIN Comparison

Enter several ASINs at a time, compare their performance, and choose the most relevant keywords for your needs.

Estimated Monthly Search Volume

See the number of average monthly searches.

Organic Rank Position

Evaluate the current position of the product in the organic Amazon search for this keyword.

AMZScout Keyword Tracker

Use this tool to track your product’s keyword indexing by Amazon and monitor their organic search rank. You can also see your competitors’ keyword rankings to stay up to date. The indicators below will help you track these keywords:

  • Position: See which page the product appears on with a selected keyword and what position the product occupies on that page.
  • Competitors: Discover the total number of products ranking for this keyword.

Amazon Competitor Data Analysis Tools

AMZScout Quick View

See the most important product data instantly right on the Amazon page. Quick View will show you BSR, price history, the best keywords, FBA fees, profit margins, listing quality, product size and weight, all without opening the AMZScout Extension. Finally, you can view the number of different sellers including FBA, MCH, and Amazon itself.

AMZScout Stock Stats

Discover the amount of items in stock for your competitors, so you can make quick and well-informed decisions about your own products.

Additional Bonus tools

Depending on the subscription you choose, you’ll have tons of amazing bonuses.

Trends and Product Ideas

Trend Reports provide valuable insights on rapidly growing subcategories, exceptional products, and important updates to Amazon rules. They help you find growing niches to benefit from and avoid subcategories that are going down.

AMZScout Seller's Courses

Learn how to start earning on Amazon with a comprehensive and easy-to-follow set of study materials that show you how to use AMZScout’s tools. They provide comprehensive guides for different selling strategies, from online arbitrage to private label and dropshipping!

AMZScout Discounts

We have 4 differents discounts for you, check them out!


All tools have a totally functional trial version. To start your free trial, follow these steps:

  • Go to the AMZScout website.
  • Enter your email address into the form. After filling in the form, you will reach the Product Database, where you can open other tools from the menu. Some of these will need to be installed additionally as Chrome extensions.
  • Get access to all of AMZScout’s tools! No credit card required.


There are three main AMZScout pricing options to choose from:

Monthly Seller’s Bundle – $49.99/month

The Seller's Bundle for Amazon is a complete toolset for both beginners and experienced Amazon sellers, and includes all of these resources and learning opportunities:

  • PRO Extension
  • Product Research Tools
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Trends and Product Ideas
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Competitor Data Analysis
  • Fast and Friendly Support

You can also add other addons to your bucket list, for example:

  • Add-on on Amazon Product Pages – Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Extension for $10/month
  • Starter Kit – Mentor Call and One Booming Product idea. Pay once and get comprehensive help on your way to selling on Amazon.

Yearly PRO Extension – $259.99/year

Get access to the most essential instruments for an Amazon starter:

  • PRO Extension
  • All of the learning opportunities, such as AMZScout Seller's Courses and “Get Started Your Amazon Business” Guide

Seller’s Bundle – $379.99/year

Save almost 60% compared to the monthly payment and get access to all the AMZScout instruments, such as PRO Extension, Product Research Tools, Keyword Research Tools, and Competitor Data Analysis. In addition, you’ll also get weekly reports with 19 product ideas from various categories.

Lifetime PRO Extension – $799.99/lifetime

Get access to the PRO Extension and a vast array of learning opportunities provided by AMZScout for just one payment of $799.99.

Lifetime Seller’s Bundle – $1,599.99/lifetime

Buy the Seller’s Bundle and use it forever for just one payment of $1,599.99.
Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale Extension – $999,99/lifetime
You can use the extension forever and find profitable products while simply browsing the Amazon search page with a one-time payment of $999,99.

If you’re not sure which tool is best for your needs, try a free trial where you can Test out all of the features of AMZScout’s instruments before buying, as the trial version is fully functional. This will help you freely decide which tools suit you best.

AMZScout review

Yes, it is another product research tool, but this one is cheaper than Junglescout, has more features and it is trusted by more than 50.000 customers, which is not a bad sign at all.

The fact that the database it's just focused on finding good products makes it easier for you to actually find winning products as it's not monitoring EVERY product on Amazon, just the ones that may be interesting for selling as an Amazon private label seller or a reseller.

I personally love all the features on this tool, they are useful, complete your reports and I do think they are one of the main key-points for the successful of your Amazon business. Each one of them fits perfectly on the product researching and tracking process and it's pretty easy to use. Basically, write what you want to scout and get things done in an eye blink or simply go for the pre-defined filters or Top 1,000 ASIN reports and find your next winning product!

Video review

AMZScout - Find Profitable Niches on Amazon!

People also ask

What is AMZScout?

AMZScout is a web-app to find profitable products and niches to sell on Amazon.

How much does AMZScout cost?

There are 3 plans: monthly, yearly and lifetime, from $49.99 (monthly) to $1,599.99 (lifetime)

Is there a discount for AMZScout?

Yes, you can save $200 on the PRO version, check how on this page

How many tools does AMZScout have?

12 tools: Sales estimates, Revenue estimates, Spy on the competition, Keywords explorer, Fulfillment details, View trends, Sales rank at a glance, Profit calculator, Sales history per year, Instant information on ratings, Quality of product listing, Quick product sourcing

Does AMZScout work in every Amazon marketplace?

No. It just works on Canada, USA, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and India

How does Amazon scout work?

You can search for products on the app using: categories or keywords and filtering them by price, number of reviews, estimated sales, seller type, product tier, product weight, best seller rank, estimated revenue, product rating, number of sellers selling the product, date when the product was first available, listing quality and net margin. That is a total of 44 filters.

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