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AMZScout, yet another Amazon product research tool coming all the way to you featuring a 20M product database, just to make sure you receive all the proper information for managing your Amazon business.

Save $200 on the PRO version


Click this link to purchase the PRO version for $399 $199 lifetime

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Never expires

AMZScout features

12 tools specially focused on product research info retrieval:

Sales estimates

One click and you’re getting all your niche information

Revenue estimates

Instantly get the estimated revenue on a product

Spy on the competition

Add competitor’s products and check their daily sales

Keywords explorer

Of course, a keyword explorer to get search estimates and PPC bids

Fulfillment details

Get all the FBA fees for every product

View trends

Google trends analyzer for every product

Sales rank at a glance

Information about the best sellers in every niche

Profit calculator

Calculate your estimated income

Sales history per year

Check every product’s historic per year

Instant information on ratings

Get the review info on every product

Quality of product listing

Analyize wether a listing has good or low quality

Quick product sourcing

Get potential suppliers in one click

Works on the following Amazon markets

Canada, USA, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and India.

It is available as an SaaS and Chrome extension


Get an exclusive discount: $200 off lifetime when purchasing the PRO version of the extension

Save $200 on the PRO version


Click this link to purchase the PRO version for $399 $199 lifetime

More Less

Never expires


Starting at 29.99$ a month for every feature + 20 products tracked till 80 products tracked.


7 day free trial. No credit card needed.

AMZScout review

Yes, it is another product research tool, but this one is cheaper than Junglescout, has more features and it is trusted by more than 50.000 customers, which is not a bad sign at all.

I personally love all the features on this tool, they are useful, complete your reports and I do think they are one of the main key-points for the successful of your Amazon business. Each one of them fits perfectly on the product researching and tracking process and it’s pretty easy to use. Basically, write what you want to scout and get things done in an eye blink.

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