Maybe you like to earn some money working with Amazon, Ebay, Shopify or any other electronic commerce platform, however it can always be exhausting to spend a lot of time researching products

Therefore, the idea of finding a way to know what products are available and ready to buy with a great demand sounds good, huh?

ASINspector can make you a high level seller by finding exactly the products you want to sell and what to avoid, saving you many hours in the search for products among other things

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ASINSpector Features

Sometimes sellers may access privileged information about what is sold and what is not. ASINspector, has no hidden secrets for online sales so it will give you all the hidden info behind every ASIN

Features to find products

  • You can get information about sales instantly, for example the history of prices and the range of sales over time
  • You have the opportunity to know exactly where you can buy competitors' products
  • It will allow you to discover products that are much more profitable and that customers prefer to acquire but that you had not previously thought about
  • You will discover unique ideas about products that are on Amazon and that can be obtained from AliExpress to arbitrate or test private labels
  • Investigate and obtain quality products quickly and easily, without wasting time on products that will not be sold
  • And finally, it lets you know what your Amazon rates are

Features to spy on your competitors

  • see where your competitors are ranking on Amazon and how many units are selling each month
  • you will even know how many income is being generated per sale
  • easily see theremaining inventory available to other vendors

Plus more features

  • Store and save conveniently the searches you prefer and you can find them again when you want
  • ASINspector works on any Amazon website, which includes the newest countries (with their respective currency)
  • Get the price needed to obtain the product followed by the seller's rates to find a better benefit
  • You can easily filter each category until you achieve precisely what you are looking for

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$147 One time fee or $10/month recurring when 7 day trials ends. This plan includes

  • Amazon Product Table Datapoints (50 )
  • FBA net payout calculator
  • Search amazon product on stores (Walmart, Target etc)
  • Get product prices from 5-10 different stores
  • Open frequently bought together products
  • Export to excel
  • Load next or multiple amazon search pages
  • Keyword trend and related Keywords
  • Start a new search
  • Amazing customer service
  • Open all child / variations for a product
  • Get inventory on hand and prices from all sellers
  • Get product keywords
  • Amazon product page analysis and profit calculator
  • Import ASINs / UPCs
  • Save favorite searches
  • Phone UPC barcode scanner
  • Brainstorm and discover random keywords
  • Amazon “done for you” feature for bulk UPC upload
  • Reverse search stores (Walmart, Home Depot, etc)
  • Sponsored ads data
  • On page quick view
  • Bundled opportunities
  • Instant net payout
  • Listing assister
  • Feature training


It has 7-days free trial with credit card required

ASINSpector Review

ASINSpector is a very good product and keyword analyzer, since you can instantly find the product with the best ranking and create lists for any product using Google's and Google Trends data

ASINspector will give you even more data than other rivals as Junglescout or AMZShark. Using the tool, you can find a lot of best selling products and find even where your competitors are buying them (yes, this is a goldmine and it's not available on other similar tools)

In short, you can consider this one of the best apps to scout products and to save crucial time. Definitely worth trying

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Video review

ASINSpector PRO Review || ASINSpector PRO Demo

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