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Aura Repricer is a repricing tool for Amazon, Walmart and eBay Sellers that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create effective repricing strategies and maximize sales, profits and Box won quota.

Aura Repricer features

Aura Repricer offers a range of features to help sellers increase their sales and profits on Amazon, Walmart and eBay. These include:

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Repricing strategies

Aura Repricer offers pre-made and custom repricing strategies to help sellers quickly and easily get started with repricing. Strategies include options like Featured Merchants, Lowest Price, and Custom Strategy. There are 5 main strategies available:

  • Aura AI: Learns from and adapts to competitors.
  • Buy Box Targetting: Compete with the Buy Box directly
  • Featured Merchants: Compete with featured merchants only
  • Lowest Price: Compete with the lowest priced offer
  • Custom Strategy: Build your own strategy, to spec.

aura repricer amazon strategies

Define competitors

Aura Repricer allows sellers to easily decide which competitors they want to reprice against, taking into account factors like fulfillment type, backordered status, and whether Amazon is on the listing. The available types of competitors is:

  • Competition type (includes pricing and fulfillment)
  • Featured sellers only (those that are eligible for the buy box)
  • Exclude Amazon as a competitor
  • Exclude/include sellers by their ID
  • Exclude sellers by their feedback rating
  • Exclude back-ordered sellers
  • Exclude sellers whose inventory is not yet available
  • Exclude competition with longer handling time

Repricing goals

Different types of repricing goals based on:

  • How to price against the competition: Price differently against Prime sellers (FBA and SFP)
  • Price differently against Amazon
  • Pricing when there is no competition
  • Pricing when the competition is below your min price
  • Pricing when the competition matches your min price
  • Pricing when your price reaches your min price
  • Use a max price when out of stock

aura repricer sales dashboard

Maintenance repricing goals

Determines Aura's behaviour when you win the Buy Box to maintain it and get more profit:

  1. Raise price
  2. Lower price
  3. Raise and lower price
  4. Or disable the maintenance

Min / Max pricing settings

Establish 4 different types of minimum and maximum repricing settings:

  1. Manual: your own min/max price for each listing.
  2. Automatic pricing: based on your ROI (return on investment)
  3. Automatic pricing: based on your profit margin.
  4. Automatic pricing: based on a fixed amount of profit.


Every feature and setting with just discussed is workflowable, so you can establish an event / trigger to create a new action on repricing

aura repricer workflows

Key Metrics

Aura Repricer provides sellers with key metrics to help them see how their listings are performing over time and attribute repricing actions to increases in sales. The tool also offers detailed profit analytics, taking into account costs and other factors. Repricing activity (historical data) is also available in a different report.

Aura Repricer integrations

Aura Repricer offers integrations with:

  • InventoryLab
  • Inventory Source
  • You can upload your repricing feed as well to modify listings in bulk (CSV format)

Amazon Marketplaces integration

Is only available for Amazon sellers in the US, Canada, and Mexico.
Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, oming Soon, Spain & United Kingdom will be cmoing soon to the tool.

aura repricer amazon integrations

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Aura Repricer pricing plans

Aura Repricer offers a free 14-day trial to allow sellers to fully test out the tool and see its capabilities. After the trial period, there are two pricing plans available:

Monthly Plan: $97 per month

  • No commitment required
  • Up to 50k listings
  • All features unlocked (instant repricing and a range of other features like AI-optimized price submission, strategy templates, and dedicated support)

Annual Plan: $77 per month

Everything on the monthly plan + a 20% discount

Aura Repricer review

Aura Repricer is a great repricer if you are looking for the basics + some unique features such as the workflows or the ability to exclude every type of seller out there when it comes to define your competitors. Most of the repricers will let you set a certain competitor by name or ID, but Aura goes further, so you can also add them by

  • feedback rating
  • back-ordered sellers
  • sellers whose inventory is not yet available
  • competition with longer handling time

4 settings that are not available in other repricings I've reviewed so far.


  • Workflows: defining workflows to trigger repricing actions is definitely a must and a great feature!
  • Exclude sellers: not just the usual excluding options, but more excluding rules vs other repricing tools on the market
  • Easy to set up: Although Aura Repricer is an advanced repricer, it is relatively easy to set up and get started with.
  • Free trial: The tool offers a free 14-day trial, which allows sellers to fully test out the tool and see its capabilities before committing to a paid plan.


  • Walmart & eBay: although it's supposed to be available for Walmart and eBay, there's no way to connect your accounts. I guess it's on their roadmap, but not a feature yet available
  • Limited availability: only available for Amazon sellers in the US, Canada, and Mexico. This may be a limitation for sellers in other regions, including me, a European Seller.
  • Limited integrations: Aura Repricer currently only offers integrations with InventoryLab and Inventory Source, which may be a limitation for some sellers. On the other hand, competitors such as SellerSnap or BQool offer more integrations: Sellercloud, SKUVault, EZCloud… and, of course, they work for the European marketplaces

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