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If these are your beginnings as the founder of your online store and creator of your brand, maybe there are many things you don't know yet, such as the most appropriate tools that can accelerate the growth of your business.

When it comes to the big platforms of digital commerce such as Amazon, you will surely have realized that on the web, information is superfluous. Even when this information is compiled in blocks that cover a variety of topics, digesting it all can be a problem.

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Amazon sellers must spend time setting up their store, spotting products, and increasing their rank while keeping up with new strategies. If you're still lacking experience, sitting down to read so many articles can be exhausting, which is where one of the most popular formats used by Amazon employees comes in: Podcasts.


What is a podcast?

It is a program that is transmitted in the form of audio and makes it possible for all the knowledge presented in articles, tutorials, and interactive courses on digital commerce to be available to you. You can listen to expert entrepreneurs as you go about your daily tasks and learn how to develop as a seller.

What about those who have been on Amazon for some time, can they benefit from this resource? Of course! The podcasts that focus on Amazon FBA selling range from basic principles aimed at inexperienced people, to professional tips for a more advanced audience.

Whether you've been marketing online for some time or not, you can get the most out of the instruction provided by various presenters.

Since there are a considerable number of these programs, you may be wondering where to start. Well, here are the most recognized podcasts that will turn you into a star marketer.

Podcasts that will inspire you

We want to mention these podcasts first not because they are better than the list that follows them, but because we understand how important motivation is in moving towards a goal. When things get tough, we often think about giving up and wonder if it's worth all the effort we're putting on ourselves.

If there is one thing we want to make clear to you, it is this: sacrifices well made always have a reward. Why do we talk about motivation before reviewing podcasts?

These programs are presented by successful people, do you know how they achieved that position? That's right, they didn't all have connections and had to make their way through a road full of obstacles. Maybe sometimes their mistakes and failures prompted them to give up, but thankfully they didn't, today they are renowned entrepreneurs who share their experience in selling on Amazon so that, if possible, you can achieve success faster than they did.

My Wife Quit Her Job (Steve Chou)


This podcast has become a favorite of many people, as the title itself is peculiar. Steve Chou shows us his true story and how he advanced in the world of virtual sales with his store Bumblebee Linens. When Steve's wife found out she was expecting their baby, she decided to quit her job and make her online store her livelihood.

So they both went from a dissatisfying job to a more rewarding one. The story of Steve Chou and his faithful companion serves as an inspiration, especially to parents who have to support the household. This couple today not only makes a great deal of money from their sales but in their show they share analysis tips and strategies that are useful for new entrepreneurs.

If there is one podcast you should listen to right now it is My Wife Quit Her Job.

FBA Journey Podcast (R.C. Rice)

fba journey podcast

If there is anyone who made it to the top through trial and error it was R.C. Rice who is currently one of Amazon's most recognized sellers. FBA Journey Podcast shows a newbie's entire journey to success, including his failures. This realistic approach is what a newbie needs to get started in online sales platforms.

R.C Rice started his career in 2014, so as of today, he is quite an experienced person. This man was able to use his mistakes to hone his talent and you can too. As you listen to the episodes, you can acquire the tools you need to become a professional.

Podcasts with remarkable guests

One powerful reason to give podcasts a chance is that several of them are hosted by famous people.

The fact that they are recognized by the great approaches of the world, gives support to the instruction they give and the effectiveness of the techniques they expose.

Many include interviews with different entrepreneurs, which makes the program not only entertaining but also gives it veracity. Among these podcasts are the following:

The Ask Jordan Podcast

Hosted by none other than Jordan Malik, a man who has appeared in magazines and newspapers. The reputation and experience of the host of this show speak for themselves – did you know that Jordan Malik was interviewed by CNBC Time and The Wall Street Journal?

Private Label Movement Podcast

The rating of this show is one of the highest. With more than 200 episodes, this podcast has as its main feature the inclusion of important guests. To name a few of these well-known personalities we can highlight Ezra Fireston, Rick Cesari, John Rossman, Drew Sanocki, and Ryan Daniel Moran.


A podcast that maintains this same style is E-commerce Conversations聽(Practical Ecommerce) a program where industry professionals are interviewed to take advantage of their knowledge and experience. The topics are varied, so you can learn about how to handle sales, sourcing, and custom manufacturing strategies.

Podcasts for begginers

While more experienced sellers can also benefit from The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast, this one will be especially useful for beginners. Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman present episodes of solid information on how they run their Amazon logistics business.

The presenters' presentation is warm and professional, and if you still have some doubts about how to succeed through trading your products online, we recommend listening to this show.


Brand Buildr is another excellent resource that you can make use of if you have not yet succeeded in setting up your store. You'll learn the best methods that will help you build your brand. The tips in this podcast will serve you well not only if you want to grow your business on Amazon, but you'll end up acquiring a lot of effective skills as an entrepreneur.

Coming to Amazon Seller Roundtable, this is a program aimed entirely at beginners. You will receive training in the different areas of marketing and e-commerce. The topics covered in the episodes help listeners set up their store quickly. Andy and Amy have accumulated over a decade of experience and will give you details of the business system so you can raise your business revenue.

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Advanced podcasts

FBA Millionaire

Is aimed at those who have already been trading their products on Amazon for a reasonable period. The tips in the program are for those who already have an established store and can apply more of an advanced strategy. The techniques promoted in this podcast can help you earn an incredible 7-figure income! Other podcasts that cater to a more professional audience are:

AWS Podcast

Ideal for those who have their online store and face complex challenges. Jeff Barr and Simon Elisha share their sales management tips. They present comprehensive information on cost optimization and warehousing solutions that will make you a capable entrepreneur.

Sell Rank Win

This is a professional data collection supported by Merchant Words. Even if you are already selling on Amazon, optimizing your strategies and paying attention to details is a must to get the best rank.


Other FBA podcasts

The above are not the only podcasts that can teach you how to improve as a seller. There are very diverse programs that are a real pleasure to listen to. For example “Five Minute Pitch” is not very common, 32 people are prepared to show their products in front of a jury composed of hosts who run other podcasts. The winner gets a $50,000 reward! Want to know what other resources are out there? Detail the options below:

There's still more! You'll learn how to navigate the most competitive marketplace landscape, analyze upselling through traffic-accelerating techniques, and make conversion rate improvements on My Amazon Guy Podcast. We're here to show you where to find insider information, whether you're a beginner or an expert, spending time acquiring knowledge through the audible format of podcasts will always be one of the best investments.

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