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Data Dive Tools is a powerful Amazon product research. Not just another one, but an eye-catcher product research tool because of the MANY data points it includes. Actually, I've tried tens of Amazon product research tools but, man, I can tell you this one catched my attention because it's a tool based on Jungle Scout and Keepa data (both have an API) + a fast exporting to Google Sheets + data correlation. It's suite includes also a profits tool. Look at this beauty (following screenshot) and let's check it out!

data dive tools niche pipeline

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Keywords rank tracker

Well, this one needs no further presentation, I guess.

Niche pipeline

A historic data of every niche data you've checked in the past

Niche research

Includes features such as product scorecard, outlier keywords, deep dive, normalizer or the master keyword list. Let's break some of them down

Outlier keywords

Basically, opportunity keywords: high search volume but low competitors rate

Deep dive

Product information. The basics on every listing + the Keepa graph chart

data dive tools profits

Master Keyword List

This section includes information on your listing's keywords (both SEO and paid ones) vs the ones found on your competitors. You'll find metrics such as opportunity evaluation vs competitors, launch keywords (recommended for product launch), relevant keywords (day to day keywords driving sales), search volume, your relevancy per keywords, exact match suggested bid and bid range… I mean, just everything.

From Keepa's daily sales data to Jungle Scout Keyword Scout bid suggestions and keywords aggregate information. Everything presented in an Excel-type design so it's easier for you to understand the data and take action.

Product scorecard

This one is particularly innovative. First, you answer some questions on a niche, including questions on traffic distribution, profitability, potential and competitiveness. The tool will give you, as a result, a scorecard of the product, meaning, the risk level of the niche.

Launch features

Includes everything you need to launch a product: Listing Builder, PPC Campaigns for Launch, PPC Keywords and PPC Campaigns (regular ones, not launch). You can automatically create and launch campaigns based on your Master Keyword List

More features

  • DataDive Profits: calculate potential profits of Amazon products by customizing parameters
  • Chrome Extension: presents the results and data directly while navigating Amazon


Data Dive Tools offers a special discount for members of the Seller-Systems Inner Circle. Plans start as low as $49 per month for Inner Circle members. This exclusive deal allows sellers to access all the features and benefits of Data Dive Tools at a discounted price.

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Includes 4 different plans and no free trial available

  • Seller Systems Inner Circle deal – $49/month
  • Seller plan – $149/month
  • Seller plan (yearly) – $1,490/year
  • Enterprise: custom plan


Data Dive Tools integrates with your Google Account to export Spreadsheets to your Google Drive and includes data from Keepa and Jungle Scout's APIs.

Also includes, of course, Amazon Seller Central integration.

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Data Dive Tools is the most advanced Amazon product research tool I've reviewed so far. It includes unique features plus a combination of aggregate data coming from 2 of the best product research tools: Jungle Scout and Keepa and that, Sir, IS INNOVATION.

By using tools provided by Data Dive Tools, you as a Seller can make data-driven decisions based on the main 2 sources used by most of your competitors.


  • All-in-one tool for product research
  • Includes free Chrome Extension and Profits tool
  • Convenient storage and access to export Google Sheets to your Google Account


  • 聽Pricing may be a limiting factor for some sellers, especially those who do not qualify for the Inner Circle discount

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