Doba is an important dropshipping supplier directory that offers you a wide range of products, making it possible to add and find items in your store quickly and effectively.

What does Doba offer?

Doba offers top-quality items, thanks to intensive research among its dropshipping suppliers, setting standards and presentation levels in line with its service. You can use Doba's search tool to easily access price lists and products.

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Is a pioneer in the dropshipping platform, especially for new e-commerce entrepreneurs and for those who are already installed. It enables trade exchange between suppliers and retailers, which has been one of the reasons for its popularity in dropshipping.

Has a modern repertoire of products in high demand, which also offers them at a good price, so it competes with the traditional market.

Has a vast number of products and among its services, it offers fast shipping, so you can enjoy your item in a short time.

Has a market of proven suppliers ready to be part of your online store.

Doba offers the facility to match merchants with suppliers, giving priority to those who ship direct. This is one of the reasons why it has established itself in the market.

Most suppliers do not drop-ship, and where they do dropship, automated applications or website plug-ins are required to complete the shipment. Doba overcomes all of these setbacks and makes it possible to deliver your orders efficiently and promptly.

Doba allows you to enjoy individual purchases, without having to invest in bulk purchasing costs. With drop shipment, Doba informs the supplier and sends your order to you.

When shopping drop-shipping, sometimes the price is higher. So it is recommended to look for products of perceived value and thus be more effective with drop shipping.

By the way, always check if the product is suitable for Amazon, because some of them are gated for the whole marketplace!

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Pricing Plans

Doba tries to offer consumer products at prices fairly close to the value of wholesalers. This makes its offer competitive with other companies.

When you become a Doba affiliate, for $29 per month you have the benefit of getting the products at wholesale prices.

Basic: $29 per month

You will enjoy a $0.99 per order fee, availability of millions of products, hundreds of suppliers, customer Q&A sessions, Doba customer offers in a weekly email, live webinar training, and email support.

Advanced: $69 per month

In addition to all the basics, offers eBay data export, Elite seller registration, and live chat support.

Pro: $249 per month

In addition to all of the above, Amazon data export, batch order upload, individual data export, retail pricing cost, and direct phone support.


Offers custom rates, offering services such as API integration, shared FTP data transfers, a lower per-order fee, no export limits, preferred customer registration, and marketing services.

Doba Reviews

Doba offers you the tools you need to keep shipping costs low. It is easy to navigate and manage a website, including a free routing option at the beginning.


  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Guidance on your growth and development
  • Effective direct shipping service
  • Explanations on the handling and use of the website
  • Inventory help
  • Low inventory warning, guides you in your sale
  • Free trial to guide you through the process
  • Customer service via the phone number


  • It-Costly to join as a member.
  • Costly as dropshippers
  • Money-back guarantee is not easy to make.
  • The value of the products is high, so they are not in high demand in the marketplace.
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