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DS Amazon Quick View is a Google Chrome Extension for Amazon to quickly view additional information on the Amazon search results page.

The extension shows a glance of important product information, such as product ASIN, sales ranking, customer rating and more direct info on the Amazon index pages.

DS Amazon Quick View is available for free download in both the standard and extended versions. The extended version has an additional one-time cost of $25, which unlocks the full functionality of the tool.

Download DS Amazon Quick View

Here's the official link to the Chrome store

How to use DS Amazon Quick View

To use DS Amazon Quick View, first go to the Chrome Web Store and download and install it. Then, go to Amazon.com (doesn't work for other Amazon marketplaces) and search for the type of product you're interested in. When you hover your cursor over a product, a box will appear showing detailed product information, such as technical data including weight, dimensions, battery information, and more.

ds amazon quick view product details

Also, directly on the results page, you'll be able to check more information on the displayed listings such as product's sales rank, ASIN number, and information about the seller (is it sold by Amazon, an FBA seller, etc.). It also scrapes the page to find the necessary information and then displays it without you having to open the product individual page.

The Premium features include Price History (extracted from CamelCamelCamel) and Keepa History. Here's how it looks:

ds amazon quick view premium features and product data

As you can see, it's quite simple to use


There are two important features on DS Amazon Quick View:

  • This Chrome's Extension does add Amazon ranking and sellers information to the searching page result.
  • In order to get the information, you just have to hover over the product image and you will be able to see full product details.

Features on DS Amazon Quick View extended version

As easy to use as the normal version, but includes more information:

  • Supports every Amazon Marketplace worldwide
  • Unlocks the price history premium feature
  • Includes interactive Keepa graph and you can integrate it with your Keepa paid account
  • Shows the ASIN lowest FBA price
  • Shows when an item has no BuyBox (perfect for resellers)
  • Filters include: Price, BSR, FBA Sellers, Reviews count, Reviews score and more
  • Export data to CSV
  • Extra info details: dimensions, weights and more


Just a few integrations, but really useful to analyze competitors and perform product research:

Revseller and Keepa can be integrated with their free versions and the paid ones.


2 pricings: the free normal extension and the extended version, one time payment ($25) purchasable online here.

DS Amazon QuickView Review

DS Amazon Quick View can help Amazon Sellers (specially resellers) find perfect products to sell or resell on Amazon. Its features are awesome for a quick glance over your competitors products, or if you are interested in getting into a new niche so you can use it for product and niche research.

It also works for books and electronic books, so it's great for Amazon KDP authors or sellers who need to do niche research. Includes some data such as publisher and number of pages.

In addition, one of the under estimated uses of DS Amazon Quick View is compare products side-by-side, as the data is pulled on the search results page. Want to analyze 2 competitors side by side? it's easy, just include their ASINs on Amazon's search engine separating them by “|”:

ds amazon quick view compare 2 asins


  • Save Time: With Amazon Quick View, you can quickly and easily preview product information without having to click through to the product detail page.
  • Make Informed Purchasing Decisions: Amazon Quick View allows you to view customer ratings and reviews, product information, and product images all in one place, making it easier for you to make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Improved Shopping Experience: Amazon Quick View provides a faster and more convenient shopping experience, allowing you to quickly and easily preview product information and customer reviews.
  • Integrates with: Reveseller, CamelCamelCamel and Keepa.


  • The free extension doesn't work for every Amazon Marketplace, just for Amazon.com

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