Easyship is a leading technology platform for ecommerce shipping and makes it easy to find the best alternative to your shipping in real time. An amazing alternative to Amazon FBA's.

The Easyship algorithm detects which flat rate service fits the order in real time and selects the most appropriate option.

Easyship works with several major international couriers such as DHL, TNT and FedEx and also integrates with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Amazon and eBay. It is used by over 100,000 customers worldwide and you will soon discover why.


Selection of the messenger

Access over 250 shipping services or connect your own courier accounts.

easyship shipment management

Shipment management

Customer notifications

Automatically informs your customers by email at every step of the process.

Scheduling collections

Schedule pick-up times directly from the application.

Upload CSV

Upload orders and product information directly from your Excel files.

Printing options

Set up the shipping label and documentation.

Batch shipping

Optimize workflows by sending multiple shipments at once.


Real-time shipment statistics to find ideas and opportunities to improve your shipment.

USPS Scanning Forms

It issues USPS manifests through the USPS scan form submission app.

Configuring box sizes

Ensure the accuracy of shipping rates by setting specific sizes of your packages.

Multiple user accounts

Any of your team members will be able to access the application.


Easyship integrates with many platforms:

E-commerce CMS Integration

An API is also available in case your CMS is not listed. The API services offer complete control over: pricing, shipping, labeling, tracking, and collection.

Messaging integration for real-time rates

You can integrate Easyship with over 250 messengers to display real-time shipping rates in your store

Using this function you will be able to visualize:

  • Up to 70% discount on shipping costs
  • Taxes and duties guaranteed
  • Show delivery time
  • And open your shop to 220 countries

Crowdfunding Integration

Do you want to organize a crowdfunding campaign and send the orders all over the world? Eashyship integrates with:

  • Kickstarter
  • Indiegogo


Get rid of boring processes

Using Easyship you will be able to automate processes such as

  • shipment creation
  • couriers priority output
  • offer free shipping according to your needs
  • automate shipping rules

easyship shipment creation

Shipment creation

Easyship creates automatically:

  • Shipping labels
  • Packing Sheets
  • Customs declarations

Your only job: to print what the messenger needs

Address validation

Easyship automatically validates shipping addresses to reduce the risk of delivery failures.

Improve product catalogue data

Some e-commerce CMSs have limitations in defining dimensions and category. You can fine tune them in Easyship.

Split and combine shipments

Divide and merge shipments to save money.

Secure the shipment

Reasonably priced insurance so you don't have to worry.

Get quotes

Ask large courier companies for real-time shipping quotes.

Delivery experience

Storage and compliance network

Easyship will show you the best options to outsource your pick & pack using its network of warehouses.

Tracking sheets and branded packaging

Customize and brand your:

  • emails
  • order tracking web pages
  • packing sheets

24/7 Support

Do you need to put out a fire? These guys are there to help you 24 hours a day.

Prepayment of customs duties and taxes

Pay in advance the duties and taxes at the time of the creation of the shipment.

Return labels

Easily generate your return labels with just a few clicks

Updated tracking

Easyship's tracking is updated at every step of the process so no information is ever lost and you can inform your customers.


Easyship has a simple approach to pricing structure:

  • The use of the platform is free
  • Payment is by shipment only
  • As mentioned above, they have previously negotiated fares and discounts on all possible routes. So the work is already done for the client

Payment is “as you go” or by use, with no hidden costs or fees. Only when registering the customer sees the full rates. However, Easyship has included some price examples. This gives customers an idea of what they can expect to pay on typical routes.

Free Plan


  • 100 shipments per month
  • 1 own courier account
  • 1 team member
  • Unlimited e-commerce integrations
  • Analytics
  • Rates in the box
  • Email support

Plan Plus $19/month (saves 20% on annual plan)

It includes:

  • 500 shipments per month
  • 2 own messaging accounts
  • 3 members of the team
  • Unlimited e-commerce integrations
  • Analytics
  • Rates in the box
  • Email support
  • Branded Tracking Experience
  • Chat support

Premier Plan $38/month (save 20% on annual plan)

It includes:

  • 3.000 shipments per month
  • 3 proprietary messaging accounts
  • 5 members of the team
  • Unlimited e-commerce integrations
  • Analytics
  • Rates in the box
  • Email support
  • Branded Tracking Experience
  • Chat support
  • Phone support

Business plan: request a quote

It includes:

  • Unlimited shipments per month
  • Unlimited proprietary messaging accounts
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited e-commerce integrations
  • Analytics
  • Rates in the box
  • Email support
  • Brand Tracking Experience
  • Chat support
  • Phone support
  • Customer Success Manager

Easyship review

Easyship is one of my favorite platforms. Why? Man, there's no other tool like it on the market.

Being able to access 250 couriers and up to 70% off your shipments with just a few clicks is a blast, right?

Logistics is an absolute headache. That's why most of us like to outsource this service using warehouses or even FBA's from Amazon. But, if you have your own logistics, Easyship will make your life much easier at a reasonable price.


The shipping part of e-commerce has always been an obstacle for me and most of my customers. Having access to the service of a company that can provide expert help in this regard is a great relief.

In fact, that experience is vital to the life of an e-commerce business. Plus, the software is super intuitive, so you don't miss out on using it.


There is one clear area for improvement: customer service. Customer complaints are always passed on to the “team” who can take weeks to respond and that's not cool.

So we can say that the company is appreciated for the speed, reduced cost and ease of use of the software. But its customer service approach needs serious rethinking.

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