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Edge by Ascential is a suite of digital commerce solutions that helps big enterprises such as Disney, Nestl茅, Samsung or Henkel optimize their online sales and drive growth. Edge by Ascential has actionable data insights, retail forecasting and advisory services, so you got both tools & manpower in just 1 company.


Edge by Ascential has 4 main tools & services. Let's check'em out:

  • Market Share: Edge by Ascential propietary software combines their own data + data they get from Amazon & Walmart (with a 95% accuracy on Amazon US) to provide Sellers & Vendors with reliable data on the market and their competitors
  • Consulting: Edge by Ascential team of experts can get the hands on your project and help you drive it to the next level
  • Retail insights: identify emerging trends and discover growth opportunities in the digital market. This tool is used by 600 of the principal worldwide brands
  • Digital shelf: an analytics tool to optimize your brands' online retail presence and performance. Analyses 200 markets 200 markets with deep dive reports (Store-of-the-Month, Omnichannel Go-to-Market, etc). Monitors products, pricings, promos, rankings and more

ascentialedge retail analytics dashabord


The pricing for Edge by Ascential is not publicly disclosed. It is recommended to contact their sales team for more information on pricing and subscription plans.


There is no integration needed, as Edge by Ascential has his own data which you can combine with your Amazon Seller, Amazon Vendor or Walmart Seller Central accounts.


As I already said, Edge by Ascential is used by 600 of the principal worldwide brands so, you guessed right, this is not for everybody. No small-mid companies here, but big brands like L'Oreal, Pfizer or Apple themselves.

Edge by Ascential helps those brands accurately measure market share, benchmark performance, identify competitive threats and increase sales on platforms like Amazon, Walmart and up to 200 channels + markets.


  • Accurate market share measurement (they claim a 95% accuracy)
  • 200 channels and markets worldwide
  • Proprietary research and data
  • Trusted by over 600 of the world's biggest brands and retailers
  • Analyses and identifies the highest priority actions
  • 360潞 set of tools from market share analysis to consulting services and retail insights


  • May come with a significant price tag, which may not be suitable for all businesses, according to the brands that are using them
  • Learning curve: if you take a look at their dashboards, they're not super easy. However, they're absolutely complete, but that's another story

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