Epinium is one of the few Amazon listing + campaigns optimization you will see around. It was developed in Barcelona by Amazon Sellers for Amazon Sellers and agencies.

Epinium features

Global Multi-account with One-click Implementation

Can you imagine being able to have all the data, from all your Amazon accounts and all the markets in one platform? Epinium allows you to link your accounts easily using the same log in that you have on Amazon.

epinium amazon connections


Check your relevant metrics of all your accounts together or filter by account, country, brand or product. You will see your performance such as:

  • FBA and FBM sales by day
  • Organic vs. Paid revenue
  • BSR tracker by country

Recommended task panel

The software audits your accounts and give you actionable insights to improve your performance. Some of those tasks are:

  • Optimization of titles, bullet points, descriptions, images and A+ content
  • Review and rating tracking
  • Buybox checker
  • Stock availability

SEO-Ads process ready

We come from being an agency, so we understand the internal process to optimize and manage Amazon SEO and PPC. In Epinium you first create your campaigns as draft with the aim of link products and keywords. Then you optimize the listings knowing which keywords use and upload changes from Epinium in just one click. Once you have your changes done, you can activate all the campaigns that you already done before.

Content Optimization for Amazon SEO

Agencies waste thousands of hours optimizing listings from seller central or other tools. Thanks to Epinium, you will save up to 80% of time improving titles, bullet points, descriptions and taking control of your catalogue.

  • Spreadsheet view
  • Edit Titles, Bullet Points and HTML Descriptions
  • Bulk edit
  • Control reviews, ratings, stock, buybox, number of sellers
  • Data export
  • One-click changes update to Amazon
  • Changes checker

epinium my products

Amazon Ads Campaign Manager

After optimizing your catalogue it is time to activate your campaigns.. Remember that we created the structure before so now we just need to click one button to activate the campaigns. (Our/ the Campaign Manager offers the same  tools as on  Seller Central plus additional features to make the campaign management faster and easier.

  • Status and budget bulk edit
  • Search term to keyword manager
  • Multi-campaign creation
  • Products to advertise recommendations
  • Autopilot (soon)

Amazon Backend Keywords Auto Optimization

Products on Amazon show up only if the keywords of the listing match the users search query. But many times, you are unable to add a particular keyword to your listing since it does match the description of your product. This is where the less known ‘Amazon Backend Keywords’ comes into the picture.

Amazon Backend Keywords are the hidden search terms that can be added to a product listing to boost its visibility. In Europe and America, you can add up to 249 bytes into your Amazon Backend Keywords.  But you need to do a great effort checking your keywords in titles and bullets points and removing duplicates. On the other hand you will probably setup only once and then forget to change in the future. However, it is highly recommended updating your keywords because the keyword performance is changing weekly.

Having said that, Epinium is the only software that analyzes the performance of your keywords in campaigns every 24 hours. Check if you are using the most potential words in  titles and bullet points. Epinium automatically adds the best keywords to your Backend keywords even if you haven’t used them in the listing yet. Thanks to this feature, you can be sure that your products always have the best organic keywords.

epinium search terms automatic


Another feature that you can find in the Software is the FBA Stock Forecast that will help you to prepare your FBA shipments base on stock and sales forecast. This feature even gives you the chance to set up with paneuropean fulfilment and other variables.

  • Stock Forecast
  • Products to convert in FBA recommendations

Brands manager

If you check listings of the same brand on Amazon, you will see that sometimes the the brand name is spelled differently in the various countries.  Epinium knows it and for that reason have built a feature to manage products between brands.


Every plan includes the following features:

  • 14-days free trial (No credit card required)
  • Listing Audit
  • Amazon SEO Optimization
  • Keywords Optimization
  • Advertising management
  • Reporting
  • Unlimited Products
  • Multi-Accounts
  • 9 International Marketplaces
  • Expert Support

Starter plan: 19,99€ / month

Suit for Sellers under $5.000 revenue / month

Starter plan: starting at 19,99€ / month

Suit for Sellers under $5.000 revenue / month

Growing business plan: starting at 129,99€ / month

Suit for Sellers with +$20.000 revenue to $139.000/ month

Enterprise plan: starting at 349,90€ / month

Suit for Sellers with +$140.000 revenue to $400.000 / month

Epinium review

If you are an agency selling Amazon services, you definitely need Epinium. It will make your life easier and you will be able to scale your business by adding thousands of listings and campaigns to the same account and for every Amazon marketplace.

Just imagine for a moment that you're managing 10 brands in 5 countries and you can focus all your SEO and PPC efforts in just one software for 349,99€ / month. Sounds great, does it?

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