EUessentials is an Amazon repricer for EU and UK Amazon Sellers. The tool is designed specifically for FBA and FBM sellers, allowing them to update their prices on Amazon's UK, DE, NL, FR, IT and ES (not Sweden, Belgium and Poland, yet) from a single dashboard.

Easily see all important metrics such as sales, profit, orders, EFN and Pan-EU fees, and units sold for all EU marketplaces combined in one unified account.

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European Dashboard

euessentials' repricing dashboard brings together all the Amazon EU marketplaces on one dashboard (except, as discussed, Poland, Belgium and Sweden), displaying useful data such as your price, lowest FBA price, selling position, competitor insight, best seller rank, product costs, and minimum and maximum prices.

You can update your Amazon prices manually or automatically, and start competing against the lowest FBA sellers across all five marketplaces in minutes.

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Competitor Insights

This feature provides you with information about the top 20 sellers for each listing, including your position/rank against your competitors, who currently owns the buy box, total selling price (including shipping), whether they are FBA or FBM sellers, and your minimum and maximum prices. Useful to check if it's really worth it to compete against them or you need to move on.

Min/Max Calculator

The Min/Max calculator helps you determine your actual minimum price. Simply enter the lowest profit margin you will accept for any product, and the calculator will use your cost and all relevant Amazon fees, including EFN and VAT fees for VAT-registered and non-VAT-registered sellers. Hey, this is SO important when selling in Europe I'm surprised it's the first time I see it in a repricer. The problem is that most of the repricers are US based, but euessentials ei EU based and that's a win.

As I just said, it includes all the Amazon fees to calculate the best minimum price for you to ensure you always sell at a profit. You can set up your min/max values for all your inactive products and be ready to start competing when they go live.

Bulk Actions

Use this feature to apply changes to all your listings simultaneously, such as setting min/max prices, changing rules, and turning repricing on or off.

European Sales Tabs

When you log in, you can see how your Amazon EU business is performing at a glance, with a breakdown of sales, estimated profit, ROI, orders, and units sold for all EU marketplaces. Click on each tab for a more detailed view of all fees, costs, and units sold per marketplace.

Orders Page

euessentials provides more detailed information about each order than Amazon does, including your cost, unit price, FBA fees (including EFN fees), profit, and ROI for every product sold. You can also download all your order details and total up your fees, costs, and profit. Basically, an integrated P&L breakdown for every order placed.

European Best Sellers

Easily identify your best-selling products across Europe over any given time period. For each marketplace, you can see metrics such as units sold, total sales value, and average selling price. You can also source more of your hot products directly from your dashboard by clicking on the eBay and Idealo buttons.

Repricing Strategies

euessentials offers several repricing strategies to help you stay competitive and maximize your profits. These include:

  • Matching the lowest FBA seller across all EU marketplaces
  • Beating the lowest FBA seller by 0.01p
  • Raising your price to maximize profit
  • Setting custom rules based on your specific business needs
  • And more


euessentials integrates with just a few tools:

  • Amazon's MWS API: This integration allows euessentials to access your Amazon account and update your prices in real-time.
  • Xero: This accounting software integration allows you to
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Annual Plan £20 + £4.00 VAT/ per month, includes

  • Manage 500 products (SKU)
  • All EU marketplaces
  • Bulk ROI setting
  • Continuous repricing
  • Profit (EFN Fee) calculator
  • Price up &down

Monthly Plan £22 + £4.40 VAT / per month, includes

  • Manage 500 products (SKU)
  • All EU marketplaces
  • Bulk ROI setting
  • Continuous repricing
  • Profit (EFN Fee) calculator
  • Price up &down


A simple, yet effective Amazon repricer especially for European users. It's major features are that's EU Vat compilant (and uses the VAT info for the P&L breakdown) plus that it includes both Pan-EU and European Fulfillment Networks' fees when calculating profits.

With its single dashboard for all Amazon EU marketplaces, automated or manual pricing updates, competitor insight, Min/Max calculator, and multiple repricing strategies, it offers a range of features to help sellers manage and optimize their pricing and performance on Amazon. However, it is currently limited to Amazon's EU marketplaces and does not support non-Amazon marketplaces. It's also very limited when it comes to external integrations and doesn't have an API.


  • Single dashboard for all Amazon EU marketplaces: euessentials brings together most of the Amazon EU marketplaces on one dashboard, making it easy to manage your prices and performance across all these marketplaces from one place.
  • Automated or manual pricing updates: You have the flexibility to update your prices manually or automatically, depending on your preferences and business needs.
  • Competitor insight: euessentials provides useful information about your competitors, including their position/rank, buy box ownership, total selling price, and FBA/FBM status. This can help you stay competitive and make informed pricing decisions.
  • Min/Max calculator: This feature helps you determine the minimum price you need to sell at to ensure a profit, taking into account all relevant Amazon fees.
  • Bulk action: You can use the bulk action feature to apply changes to all your listings simultaneously, saving you time and effort.
  • Detailed order information: euessentials provides more detailed information about each order than Amazon does, including your cost, unit price, FBA fees, profit, and ROI.
  • Multiple repricing strategies: euessentials offers several repricing strategies to help you stay competitive and maximize your profits.
  • EU Vat compilant!!!!! My god, finally!
  • Easily calculate your costs both for European Fulfillment Network and Pan-EU Amazon logistics


  • Not working for Amazon Poland, Sweden and Belgium, at least not yet
  • Just a few integrations: Amazon MWS and Xero. Doesn't have an API.
  • May not be the best tool for you if you have more than 500 SKUs. So it's for small and mid sellers
  • Limited to Amazon EU marketplaces: euessentials is currently only available for Amazon's UK, DE, NL, FR, IT, and ES marketplaces, so it may not be suitable for sellers who operate on other Amazon platforms.
  • No support for non-Amazon marketplaces: currently doesn't support repricing on eBay, Etsy and other EU marketplaces such as CDiscount, Decathlon, Leroy Merlin or Manomano.

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