Fetcher is a software created to manage accounting and financial data for Amazon sellers. In addition, it is the easiest way to find information related to the health of your own business. In a sentence, straight forward reporting: easy to analyze financial analytics. Since 2019, Fetcher has been integrated into Junglescout as the “Sales Analytics” tool.

That, of course, will lead you to part 2, actionable metrics. You have the data, but what do you do with it? Inside Fetcher's support page, you will find, in detail, how you can use your data to maximize your business & increase profits.

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Fetcher's origins

Fetcher is part of the Junglescout family together with Jumpsend, Forecastly and Splitly. The company's Executive Director, serial entrepreneur and investor Greg Mercer set the goal to provide help and support to other business owners with the best data software in the industry, as well as free educational resources.

After a long time of observation the Junglescout team concluded that, to understand the crucial data that was generated on a daily basis on the Seller Central, sellers needed a visual dashboard.

Every Amazon marketer deserves a good understanding of the finances of his business, which is why Fetcher was created by Amazon merchants, software engineers and data fanatics, in order to facilitate and simplify its use for users.

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Fetcher features

Each Amazon seller can check it's most critical metrics efficiently and accurately. Fetcher calculations will be synchronized with Amazon every 5 minutes and will be guaranteed to be correct.

Sales & profit

The product an sales profitability dashboard will show you the data related to your listings and their sales in 2 separated views: graph and table breakdown. Of course, there a time range selector.


Divided between product costs, re-shipping and other expenses, you'll see all your expenses at a glance.

fetcher expenses dashboard


A graphic dashboard for returns and return rates.

Product breakdown

Stats on your products, separated by ASIN.

P&L Statement

Profit and loss breakdown per expenses and revenue.

Revenue's data:

  • Sales
  • Refunds
  • Reinbursements
  • Promos

Expenses's data:

  • Cost of goods
  • Inbound shipping
  • Reshipping
  • Recurring fees (both for FBM and FBA)
  • Orders fees
  • PPC
  • Sales tax

Long story short, you will know the financial metrics that every salesperson should know about your business. The metrics you will be able to take action on are:

  • Product breakdown on a per ASIN basis
  • Pay Per Click cost and sales analysis
  • Product promotion tracking and real costs
  • Amazon fees – storage, FBA and everything else
  • Refund tracking with comparisons and costs
  • Costs of Goods Sold tracking and calculations
  • Inventory dashboard
  • Professional Profit and Loss Statement
  • Daily sales and profit email

fetcher sales dashboard


Fetcher works on Amazon:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Italy
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany

So, basically, is not working on Asia and Oceania (nor Turkey).

Data accuracy

Big question: are they results accurate? Yes. They're pretty accurate and transparent. Inside Fetcher, you will find tool tips “i” that explain their calculations. Likewise, you can also compare Fetcher to seller central if you wanted and, believe me, data is really similar.

Quick and easy configuration

It really is very easy to configure, gathering your data from the Seller Central via Amazon MWS. In just a few minutes, it will allow you to understand  and manage the most relevant part of your business: the financials.

Data security

Btw, Fetcher is paranoid in terms of security. The credentials are encrypted with OpenSSL AES 256 bits, which is the same level of use of governments and encryption banks, among other things. In terms of data integrity, this has always been Fetcher's top priority.


You can choose between 3 different plans:

Startup $ 19 per month

  • 7 day / week support
  • one-on-one onboarding
  • world class privacy and security
  • sync unlimited seller central accounts

Business $ 39 per month

  • 7 day / week support
  • one-on-one onboarding
  • world class privacy and security
  • sync unlimited seller central accounts

Enterprise $ 99 per month

  • 7 day / week support
  • one-on-one onboarding
  • world class privacy and security


It has a free trial, 31 days no credit card required

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Fetcher review

Fetcher helps you sell more products and shows you what's working and what's not, it will also double in whatever you're working to grow your Amazon business.

It will recover working hours, get rid of messy Excel files and allow you to exit Seller Central. Averaging, Fetcher customers save 14 hours a month once they use the dashboard, the profit and loss statement and the easy-to-read product breakdown.

You will know the precise metrics since, unlike the Central Seller, the PPC collection factors, promotions, rates and product costs will give you real and precise business metrics.

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