is an AI platform with superpowers designed by Amazon Sellers and for Amazon sellers, aggregators, manufacturers and brands.

With its set of features and AI-powered capabilities, aims to revolutionize the way sellers identify products and maintain profitable products by gaining market insights instead of huge sources of data.

How? Uncovering untapped data, mixing databases and artificial intelligence: product database, sales and trends, keywords associated to the product, competition, trustable suppliers, sentiment analysis for the reviews and more.

The power of product reviews is at your fingertips with Geenie Reviews!

One of their recently launched product is Geenie Reviews. As usual, let’s break down the tools’ features but, first, here's an exclusive discount


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Geenie Review analysis

Understanding customer sentiments and feedback is crucial for any successful Amazon seller, and Geenie Reviews goes beyond every other tool I’ve seen so far because not only analyzes the reviews, but classifies the product potential features, marketing actions you can take and mapping your target audience and how to talk to them.

Its sentiment reviews analyzer allows you to understand what the Voice Of Customer has to say about a certain product in less then a minute. Actually it looks like asking ChatGPT all the possible questions like the pros, cons and the target audience of an Amazon product. Eventually, it will conclude with product insights, marketing & listing insights and customer behavior.

Check it out:

Geenie Reviews offering:

  • Optimize your listing, by adding positive keywords, recommend gallery images, and answer audience expectations.
  • Improve product and rating, by uncovering what customers didn't like and their reasons for returning and dissatisfaction for improvement.
  • Conduct product research, by discovering customer preferences, discover new variations for products that have never been made before, and combine desired and unique bundles.
  • Differentiate your product, find out what your competitors missed out on, uncover new features that haven't been developed, and uncover audiences that haven't been reached yet.

geenie ai review results

Product insights contains:

  • Overall Insights Summary
  • Top Negative Keywords and Phrases
  • Top Positive Keywords and Phrases
  • Product Features Requests
  • Underserved Audiences with Special Requirements
  • New Variation Recommendations
  • Bundle opportunities
  • creative Ideas to make your product stand out

geenie ai reviews product insights

The Marketing and listing tab contains:

  • Target Audience And How To Message Them
  • Google Trends Insights
  • Crafting PPC Keywords
  • Uncovering Unique Selling Points (USPs)
  • Capturing Product-specific Phrases & Idioms
  • Compelling Product Images Recommendations

geenie ai reviews target audience

The Customer behavior tag, contains:

  • Pain Points Solved by the Product
  • Customer Purchase Triggers
  • Map of the Buyer's Journey
  • Product Usage Contexts
  • Purchase Patterns & Gifting
  • Reasons for Returns & Dissatisfaction also offers a competitor reviews tracker and negative reviews monitor, giving sellers a comprehensive view of their competitors' performance and customer satisfaction.

geenie ai reviews customer behaviour

Pricing has 4 different pricing plans: Free forever, Lite, Pro and Max

Free Forever plan – $0 / month


  • 3 full reports no limited in time
  • Lifetime exposure to the following sections
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Overall Insights Summary
    • Top Negative Keywords and Phrases Top
    • Positive Keywords and Phrases

Lite plan – $29 / month


60 full monthly reports

All essential Reviews analysis

  • Amazon Review sentiment analysis
  • Product & Package analysis
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Download Amazon Reviews

Pro plan – $89 / month


300 full monthly reports

All in Lite and Much More

  • Marketing & Audience analysis
  • Listing optimizer
  • Geenie Chat – Ask your own questions
  • TOS analysis

Max – customized pricing


Unlimited reports

All in Pro and Much More

  • Trends & Competitors Monitor
  • Negative Reviews Remover
  • Product Engineers 1:1
  • New-product-development as a Service
  • API Integration


The product insights provided by are gold nuggets for any Amazon Seller. Being available to find any product customer's preferences, identify it's negative keywords or getting recommendations for the listing images… that's awesome! It's a great way to enhance your product listing and attract a wider audience, plus get higher conversion ratings.

Looking at an old product? You can also discover new variations and bundle opportunities so it can still grow it's numbers.

geenie ai sentiment analysis

The marketing and listing will guide the Amazon Sellers on targeting their audience and launch compelling messages on their listings. With insights from Google Trends and the ability to capture product-specific phrases and languages, you can create effective PPC campaigns and highlight your unique selling points.

The customer behavior tag provides valuable insights into pain points, purchase triggers and the buyer's journey. So, by understanding the context in which customers use your product and their purchase patterns, you can tailor your marketing strategies accordingly using the Sponsored Display target audiences or even Amazon Attribution campaigns using target audiences on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


  • Product insights for optimizing listings and product performance
  • Extensive product research + discover new variations and bundle opportunities for existing products
  • Understand your target audience and the customer behavior, pain points and purchase patterns
  • Get recommendations for better product images


  • Although mentioned as a feature, TOSify, the AI-powered chat assistant designed to help users navigate Amazon's policies, is stated as “yet to come”, so we’ll have to wait 🙂

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