How To Add Video To Amazon Listing: Step-By-Step Guide

If you're looking to supercharge your Amazon listings and crush your competition, you're on the right place mate. Adding videos can significantly elevate the appeal of your products, resulting in boosted sales and increased customer engagement and, of course, getting better Conversion Rate stats, one of the key factors for Amazon SEO.

But how do you add videos to an Amazon listing? In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of uploading and optimizing video content on your product pages. Spoiler: it's not difficult.

We'll cover everything from uploading basics to selecting the right type of video that will engage your customers: Product Highlights, Customer Experience, Explainer or Comparison videos.

Let's go and get started on making sure your product doesn't just stand out but dominates on one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms.

How does the uploading process work?

Ready to take the leap and add a video to your Amazon listing? Let鈥檚 take a look at each step.

1. Go to the Catalogue

First off, you're going to need to navigate to the Catalogue tab. This is where you can take charge of your media content. Not to be confused by the Inventory tab. That's where you can edit your listings' info and images, but not videos.

The Catalogue tab is where you can access numerous options for each product listing (a section called “Creator Hub”), including the upload of videos.聽

2. Click on Upload & Manage videos

Navigating the Catalogue tab, it's time to click on ‘Upload & Manage Videos‘ and dive into your next mission. This is where your product starts to gain a voice – an opportunity to speak directly to potential buyers and brand advocates.

seller central catalogue upload videos

2. Upload the video

Guess what. You now need to uplaod the video.

Once inside the ‘Upload & Manage Videos' section, click on ‘Upload Video'. You have the choice to upload a video file from your computer or enter a URL if your video is hosted elsewhere.

Ensure that the video format is compatible with Amazon's system:

  • Formats such as MP4 and MOV are generally accepted
  • Videos must not be longer than 15 minutes
  • And no larger than 5GB in size
  • Ensure that your video is in the dominant language of the store
  • Ensure that the products tagged are included in the video

Attention: URLs including social media links and profiles or direct users away from Amazon are not accepted

seller central catalogue how to upload videos

3. Write a keyword optimized title

Now, you're ready to boost your visibility and draw in potential customers by crafting a compelling, keyword-optimized title for your product video. Here are some Amazon keyword research tools that will help you through the process.

This is crucial as it's the first thing shoppers will see when they come across your video on Amazon.

  1. Research Keywords: find popular search terms related to your product. Make sure these keywords are relevant and can accurately describe what you offer.
  2. Stay Relevant: title should be closely tied to your product. Be honest and clear about what viewers can expect from the video.
  3. Be Concise: stick to the point while keeping it catchy and appealing. Avoid fluff words.
  4. Include brand's name: into the title for increased recognition.

The title, as you may imagine, is a mandatory field and has to be 60 characters tops

seller central catalogue how to upload videos - video description and title

4. Add an eye catching thumbnail

Having nailed down a compelling and keyword-optimized title, it's time to focus on another crucial aspect – adding an eye-catching thumbnail. This is the first visual your potential customers will see, so make sure it's impressive enough to grab their attention. Here's a quick table highlighting some key elements for creating a powerful thumbnail:

Key Elements


Why It Matters

High Resolution

Ensure the image is sharp and clear

A blurry or pixelated image can be off-putting

Showcase Product

The product should be the focal point of the image

Customers want to see what they're buying

Evoke Emotion

Use colors and imagery that evoke positive emotions

Emotions drive buying decisions

Thumbnail requirements:

  • format: .jpg .png .gif or .bmp under 5MB
  • size: 640x360px min and 3840x2160px max
  • recommended resolution: 1920x1080px at 16:9

5. Select the ASINs related to the video

Once your video and thumbnail are ready, you'll want to link them to the relevant ASINs. This step is incredibly important because it directly connects your video with your specific product listing.

To do this, navigate to the ‘Associated ASINs‘ section and enter the product's Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). Remember: videos uploaded to a parent ASIN will show on all variations

The video will be displayed on the thumbnail rolls, as follows and you can upload more than 1 video. On the example, you can find up to 6 videos on the listing

amazon videos on the listing

Benefits of Adding Videos on Amazon Listing

So, you see how simple it is to add videos to your Amazon listing! Not only will it enhance your product's visibility, but it will also boost sales and customer engagement. Whether it's showcasing product highlights or sharing the customer experience, each video serves a unique purpose.聽

Another thing I strongly advise to my clients is to use the video both for the listing page and for Sponsored Brands Video campaigns. That will create better engagement.

Finally, here's a tip: use just image and music, no audio locution or off voices. Instead, subtitle the video with your messages so you can use the same video for different languages. This is crucial in Europe, where you can sell the same product to different languages and countries such as Spanish, French, English, Polish, Italian…

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