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IG PPC is not a tool, but a solution to make your Amazon PPC campaigns more optimized, more efficient, more profitable and make you more money. Aren't you interested? Then read on.

It is true that in this directory we usually focus on eCommerece tools, but it is also convenient, sometimes, to see other alternatives. Especially when they have as much value to offer as IG PPC.

What is that competitive advantage? Something that software has not yet been able to overcome: the strategic capacity of people.

Why IG PPC could be for you?

Artificial Intelligence has become a marketing ally, but the strategic component and the abstraction capacity needed to generate online campaigns is still critical to succeed at a higher level.

Typically, software-based solutions often use complex algorithms that handle large amounts of data to find patterns and predict behavior. Therefore, they are especially useful (and fast) when it comes to generating keyword lists or automatically performing certain campaign optimization actions.

This is really good, but anyone who manages PPC campaigns on Amazon or Wallmart knows that the real leap in quality can come when we are on top of the campaigns. As managers we have to validate the actions developed by AI and sometimes adjust for deviations that occur when a certain layer of business intelligence is missing.

No matter how much the “reasoning” capacity of machines is improved, in business, there will always be an important part of human component based on strategy, market knowledge and other abstractions that enrich and sophisticate the strategy.

Moreover, if our competitors are based on similar assumptions and use the same tools, we will be practically replicating what they do.

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By hiring IG PPC's services, you are basically putting a team of professionals to monitor your sales and campaigns. They monitor all the necessary KPIs of each and every ASIN you have in each Marketplace.

The IGPC team will walk you through all the phases and processes involved in marketing within these platforms.

#1 – Research

They do a thorough initial work. They focus on understanding your brand, the products you sell in your listing, your competitors and the marketplace itself. They are also interested in your short, medium and long term goals.

Thanks to this effort and a fluid communication between IG PPC and ourselves, we manage to establish the work dynamics and the starting parameters to have an optimal strategy.

#2 – Strategy

They are going to ask you openly what you need: lower ACOS? lower TACOS? increase your sales level? improve profitability? reach a new audience? get sales traction on a new product?

The IG PPC strategy managers will design a comprehensive document specifying the action plan and the resources that will have to be allocated. The mechanical part of PPC is enhanced by the fact of having some guidelines to follow.

#3 – Campaign creation

The setup process is completely manual. One of IG PPC's specialists is responsible for gathering all the information from the first two steps and putting it into a structure that fits it.

They will always keep an eye on the evolution and fluctuations of the different indicators in order to achieve maximum performance, the highest ROI and the highest volume of conversions.

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#4 – Tracking and monitoring

PPC campaigns that are not tracked, even the most successful ones, end up losing performance progressively. The market is alive and competitors never stop.

IG PPC professionals are in charge of eliminating all those points where there is a loss or an inefficient use of the budget. Every dollar invested has to be productive and they are aware of that.

#5 – Reporting

To verify that everything is working as it should, it is imperative that reports are done on a monthly basis. These should be complete, functional and transparent, as they represent the way to evaluate the result they are achieving and what they bring to the business.

They are also a great way to take strategic actions together. This way we will support our decisions with objective data.

Who is it for?

We could say pretty much anyone who is selling on Amazon or Walmart. Regardless of whether you're a brand looking to scale your strategy or an aggregator.

For you? Well, probably too. The best way to get out of doubt is to get in touch with them and chat for a while about your business and your expectations. I'm sure you'll get a lot out of it.

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