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An all-in-one inventory manager that is worth several tools. We are talking about a solution that takes our logistics capacity to another level, for it acts and intervenes in all the processes necessary for the management of an eCommerce and, of course, of a Marketplace like Amazon.

If you use InFlow Inventory, forget about running out of stock at the wrong time (losing thousands of dollars in potential sales), at the same time you can also give your staff a resource that will greatly help them to reduce the amount of human errors in the picking phase.

In short: the perfect ally to control everything that happens in the warehouse before and after each order.


As is always the case when analyzing multifunction tools, it is necessary to analyze each of the features and functionalities independently. Although it is important to note that, in this case, they are not independent modules: by contracting an InFlow Inventory plan we will have access to the complete tool.

Without further ado, we will now detail each of the most important features.


Barcoding accessible to all businesses

It no longer makes sense to view data management through code scanning as something exclusive to large companies. Technology has made the devices to achieve this much more affordable, you could even say that we all carry one with us in the form of a cell phone.

Thanks to InFlow Inventory's barcode system, we can perform multiple actions with just one scan, saving us many hours throughout the week. For example:

  • We can scan products when they are received and thus incorporate them into stock.
  • Scan products when they are removed from the shelf to keep stock up to date.
  • Make stock level checks.
  • Transfer stock between different warehouses.
  • Make adjustments when there are product losses or breakages.

Simplified barcode generation

It is not complicated to find online solutions for barcode generation, what happens is that, if we use a non-professional tool, this would not be scalable to a business with several hundred or thousands of references.

InFlow Inventory makes it easy for us to work with that volume of business where processing codes one by one is not an option. It allows us to automate this part of the logistics by generating codes for new products or even importing codes that we already had before implementing InFlow Inventory in our company.


Label printing

The system connects very easily with a DYMO printer. This is essential to be able to have those adhesive labels ready to place on shelves, containers and boxes.

The whole warehouse perfectly labeled in a matter of seconds, and at a very low cost.

Using the phone as scanning hardware

A good indication of the extent to which InFlow Inventory low thinks about optimizing resources is that you won't need to make an additional investment in equipment.

Of course, you can use the vast majority of readers on the market, but what seems to us to be a real advantage is that you only need an Android phone or iPhone and its mobile application.

The initial investment is minimal and if, over time, you consider that you need a more powerful solution, its software takes full advantage of the capabilities of a laser scanner (more agile for mass use).

Inventory control

Thanks to having the traceability of all our listings under control in real time, we know exactly how our stock is and we can take corrective measures when necessary.

In addition, it is designed to work also with more than one warehouse, so you have the data separately, but also as a whole. This way you can balance or regroup references according to demand.

Get complete lists of products, filtered by serial number, sizes, categories… in just a couple of clicks.

You will also receive alerts to warn you, for example, when to reorder and you can decide when and how to manage it.


Unified shipments and invoices

Centralize all your activity on a single platform by integrating Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce and other CMSs. You no longer have to go from one platform to another, cross-reference data and handle spreadsheets. Now you just log into InFlow Inventory and you'll see, at a glance, how your business is performing globally.

And if that's not enough, it also allows you to issue all the necessary invoices.



This tool has three different plans that cover most needs.

Entrepreneur plan

Designed for businesses that do not exceed 100 orders per month (don't worry: if you do, you will only be charged $49 for every 50 extra orders). Its price is $79 per month.

Small business

If you reach 2000 orders per month. Its cost is 219€ per month.


Businesses with a higher volume, those that reach 10,000 orders. This plan costs up to $439 per month.

The difference is not only in the number of orders, but also in the number of licenses for the team members, the inventory locations (warehouses), the integrations that the system supports…

The best thing to do is to take a look at the specifications of each plan, to choose the best option for you.

InFlow Inventory Review

It is a tool with a spectacular amount of options and features, so much so that we have not delved, for example, into its capabilities for B2B or data analytics.

It offers many different possibilities and solutions in logistics, optimizes factors that have direct and indirect impact on our margin, so we invite you to try it for yourself: you have a free 14-day demo and, we assure you, that when your team tries it you will see a leap in productivity really important.

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