Infor ERP is a business resource planning services suite that adjusts to companies of all sizes, particularly from the textile, metallurgy, chemical, food & distribution sectors.

The developers of this software understand that companies need an action plan and the management of all integral departments and resources, such as supply chain, delivery schedules, human resources, accounting or capital investment advice among others –and that's what they offer.

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This comprehensive cloud-based suite offers 5 versions, each one of them focusing on different industries to better serve their particular needs, which are: CloudSuite Financials, LN, M3, Industrial and Distribution SX.e.

Infor Features

As mentioned, Infor offers 5 versions, each one of them with particular features.

Infor CloudSuite Financials

  • Focused on third-sector (services) companies
  • Customized home pages
  • Role-based user interface
  • Unlimited financial calendars
  • Unlimited bookkeeping reporting
  • Unlimited distributor networks
  • Indirect expenses’ full visibility
  • Supplier relationship strengthening
  • Multiple cost-saving opportunities
  • Analytics integrated directly into user workflows

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Infor LN

  • Ideal software for discrete manufacturing companies, no matter their size
  • Global ERP with a single instance that can be used in the cloud or installed on a computer
  • ETO, MTO, MTS and repetitive manufacturing support
  • Enhancing tools for customization without overwriting source code
  • Available in 21 languages
  • Compliance with local regulations in 49 countries
  • Embedded business processes based on industry best practices
  • Complete line assembly control
  • Supply chain visibility from production to shipment, service, warranty and reconditioning.

Infor M3

  • Specific for manufacturing companies and industries
  • Computer or cloud implementation
  • Quality verification
  • Form management
  • Supplier development
  • Accounting management
  • Multi-site, multi-company, multi-country, multi-currency and multi-language
  • Built-in flexibility and enhancement
  • Available in 23 languages ​​and 46 countries
  • Business days support via chat

Infor CloudSuite Industrial

  • Software for discrete manufacturing industries
  • Production plant programming
  • Models: ETO, MTO, MTS, etc.
  • Role-based dashboards, metrics and reports
  • Contextual and predictive analytics
  • Financial and operational reports
  • Contextual and predictive analytics
  • Operational and financing reports

Infor Distribution SX.e

  • For wholesale distribution companies and SMEs
  • Omnichannel tool
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Discount management

Infor Plans and Pricing

As with other ERPs, in order to get further information about Infor’s pricing you must contact their customer service and get a tailor-made quote.

Infor Reviews

Infor is an innovative ERP software that offers cloud-based business resource planning in order to speed up industries’ internal and external management tasks.

Like the rest of available tools in its category, it focuses on the effectiveness, efficiency, development and organic growth of companies and industries from a large number of sectors.

Despite being a suite with 5 different specific tools, Infor does not get entangled with unnecessary features or customizations. It just offers what is really needed and it makes these tools available to users through intuitive and user-riendly interfaces.

Infor Highlights

  • It’s a multilingual software
  • Software for both computer and mobile apps
  • Cloud deployment
  • Flexible and easily scalable suite
  • Individual empowerment of all business departments

Infor Downsides

  • It doesn’t offer a free plan
  • It doesn’t offer too many customizations
  • Support in not so many languages
  • It is not applicable to all types of companies and industries, but only to very specific sectors; although the list is very large, many sectors are left out.
  • Slow loading and processing

Now, you just have to decide if Infor is the ERP you need for your company or industry.

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