Insight mailer

Insight Mailer is an Amazon seller tool that helps sellers winning the buy box and increase seller visibility by maximizing positive seller feedback and product reviews through automated email requests.

They help sellers manage Amazon business more prominently through data-driven insights. Also, Insight Mailer allows sellers to run product promotional campaigns at a single click, saving a lot of manpower and time.

Insight Mailer Features

It’s 6 features allow the seller to:

  1. Automate Email Campaigns: Boost response rates by using customized predefined templates to reach your customers through an email campaign.
  2. Customize Promotions: Offer discounts to recurring buyers through promotional campaigns.
  3. Analyze Geo-graph Locations: Determine the Geographical location of your customers to plan your promotions accordingly.
  4. Recurring Buyers Information: Create a long-lasting bond with your frequent buyers by offering them Special offers.
  5. Identify Top and Low Selling Products: Track your Top and Low Selling Products to plan your sales.
  6. Negative Feedback Alert: Get instant notifications for Negative product reviews so that you can promptly address the problem.


They offera 14 days free-trial, with no credit card required.


All their plans include a 14 day free trial. Plans start at 7$ a month for 2k email subscribers to 210$ a month for 100.000 subscribers + a cost per email (as low as 0,0035$ per email sent)

Insight Mailer Review

This is one of the cheapest Amazon feedback management tools I’ve found so far. With a monthly price as low as 7$ you can start sending automated feedback and review requests to your customers and start getting positive reviews to help you grow your sales and scale your Amazon business.

The analytics insights on repeating customers will show you who to prioritize on your customer database, so you can tailor promotions for them.

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Insight Mailer - Feedback Management Software

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