Jungle Scout

Guess I won’t be the one introducing you to this famous tool but, in case I am, let’s talk about Jungle Scout. This is a set of Amazon tools specially tailored for Amazon product scouting and niche hunting, keyword researching, sourcing, listing optimization, sales estimator, PPC analysis and more.

Jungle Scout is part of the set of tools offered by the same company along with Forecastly, Fetcher, Jumpsend or Splitly. Some of these tools have been integrated into Jungle Scout’s core.

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Jungle Scout features

JS’s tools are specially focused on product research and keyword info retrieval:

Product database

JS’s flagship since forever. The product database includes 70 million products monitorized in real time straight from Amazon’s worldwide catalogue.


  • high demand and low competition products
  • high demand and bad marketing products
  • Good return on investment products
  • Good demand and poor quality products
  • Product price
  • Product’s referral fee
  • Product cost
  • Product closing fee
  • Product net margin
  • Product total FBA fees
  • Product FBA fulfillment fee
  • Product profit
  • Product Roi %
  • Filter data for:
    • maximum and minimum price
    • maximum and minimum rank
    • maximum and minimum sales
    • maximum and minimum rating
    • maximum and minimum reviews

Plus: save filter presents, sync with Jungle Scout’s product tracker, export your results to CSV, view every product’s ranking and find a useful profit calculator.

Jungle Scout Alerts

A new 2019 feature to track your Amazon product data wherever you are.

No need to spend hours checking your listings manually because JS can automate it. Alerts helps you keep track of any changes to your listings and/or your competitor’s listings in less than 5 minutes per day! Here’s what the tool includes:

  • Alert you to any changes in your title or product images
  • Notify you of any changes in price, BSR, Buy Box, or product availability
  • Alert you to any new or recently removed reviews
  • Notify you of any category changes and product availability
  • Send you daily or weekly alert reports
  • Customizable Settings to that you only receive the alerts that you want!

Jungle Scout Alerts will save you time and money by alerting you to any issues, so that you can keep your Amazon listings up and bringing in sales!

Supplier database

A new 2019 feature to instantly find legitimate worldwide suppliers used by the world’s best brands-

junglescout supplier database feature

As a new September 2019 feature, the supplier database now let’s you search  by ASIN so you can directly find the supplier for a single product

junglescout supplier search by asin

The new Supplier Tracker lets you organize, sort, and compare prices of multiple vendors to ensure that you keep costs down.

In addition to keeping the supplier’s contact information and customs data available, the Supplier Tracker can save lead times, unit costs, quantities, and more.

With these features to help review and sort supplier data, comparing supplier options and quotes is quick and seamless.

You can also find a product’s supplier directly from the Chrome Extension:

junglescout chrome extension supplier search by asin

Opportunity Finder

A tool to help you discover emerging trends on Amazon and profitable product niches. The tool will give you information such as:

  • Average monthly units sold
  • Average monthly price
  • Monthly search volume
  • Seasonality
  • Reviews
  • etc

The Niche Score (I love this) will show you the:

  • product demand
  • it’s competition
  • and the Listing Quality Score

So you have all data you need to check whether a product is great for you or not.

junglescout niche hunter

Product tracker

A tool to monitor your product or your competitions60 days historical data for your competition tracking.

You will be able to track:

  • real time sales
  • inventory
  • units sold
  • BSR
  • and how much is the Buy Box pricing

Plus, you can organize the products in groups, save product notes, find recommended products, sync the data with Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension…

Keyword scout

A tool for keyword research which has recently been updated to cover more Amazon markets: USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany


  • historical search volumen
  • exact monthly searches
  • how much products you need to give away to rank #1
  • Headline Search Ads PPC bid
  • Sponsored Product Ads PPC bid
  • Easy to rank score for every word
  • Relevancy score
  • etc

Plus, you can organize your keywords on different listings, find recommended keywords, export results into CSV and more

Product launcher

A new 2019 feature enables sellers to promote their products to targeted customers via Jungle Scout, get more reviews, manage and optimize their business. Actually, it’s Jumpsend integrated into Jungle Scout.

The product launcher includes:

Product promotions: promote your product to over 100,000 shoppers.

Get initial sales, boost sales velocity, and increase your Amazon search rank. Remember Jumpsend? Well, Jumpsend is part of the Jungle Scout family so this is where you’ll launch your product.

Email campaign

Sellers who use email campaigns get 8x more reviews on Amazon, drastically increasing their chances of making sales.

Using the product launcher, you can send timely, personalized email campaigns automatically after a customer purchases your product.

As a new 2020 feature, you can also “Bulk Request Review” on your Seller Central orders tab using the Chrome Extesion:

jungle scout bulk request review

Sales analytics

Keep your finger on the pulse of your Amazon business. This tool gives you access to the most accurate measurement of your Amazon business’ profitability. Actually, is Fetcher integrated into Jungle Scout.

Find useful data such as:

  • Product’s revenue
  • Units sold
  • Net margin
  • ROI
  • Reimbursements
  • Refunds
  • Promo rebates
  • Other income
  • FBA fees
  • Etc

Plus, you can compare sales at different times and customize your expenses

Chrome Extension Download

Download Jungle Scout


There are 3 different plans:

Jungle Scout app monthly pricing $49 $39 (15% discount)

Includes access to JS:

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Supplier Database
  • Keyword Scout
  • Niche Hunter
  • Jungle Scout Academy
  • AccuSales™ Estimates

Jungle Scout chrome extension yearly pricing $228 $179 (20% off)


  • One Year of Extension
  • One-Click Amazon Data
  •  AccuSales™ Estimates
  •  Historical Sales
  •  Advanced Filters

Jungle Scout app + chrome extension 3 month pricing $207 $169 (20% off)


  • Three months of Jungle Scout+ Three months of Extension
  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Supplier Database
  • Keyword Scout
  • Niche Hunter
  • Jungle Scout Academy
  • AccuSales™ Estimates
  • One-Click Amazon Data
  • Historical Sales
  • Advanced Filters


There is no free trial, but there is a 14 days 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout comparison

Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
7 (USA, CA, UK, DE, SP, IT, FR)
Jungle Scout
8 (USA, UK, DE, SP, IT, FR, MX, CA)
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
$0 to $197
Jungle Scout
$39 to $69
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout
Helium 10
Jungle Scout

People also ask

What is Jungle Scout?

An all in one Amazon toolbox. 7 tools focused on keyword and product research, competition tracking and product launch.

Is there a Jungle Scout coupon or discount?

Yes, check this review and you will find a 15% and 20% discount

What is Jungle Scout’s Alerts?

Alerts helps you keep track of any changes to your listings and/or your competitor’s listings in less than 5 minutes per day.

What is Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database?

A tool to instantly find legitimate worldwide suppliers used by the world’s best brands.

What are Jungle Scout’s Sales Analytics?

Sales Analytics tool tracks all your Seller data and displays it on an easy dashboard to find actionable data

How much does Jungle Scout cost?

Jungle Scout’s Extension is $39/month, Jungle Scout’s web based software is $49/month, both webapp and extension are $69/month

Has Jungle Scout a free trial?

They don’t have a free trial, but you have a 14 day money-back guarantee

What marketplaces are supported by Jungle Scout?

Webapp and Extension work for Amazon USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and India. Keyword Scout works for USA, Spain, France, Germany, UK and Italy

Jungle Scout review

If AMZScout wasn’t a thing, Jungle Scout would be my number one favourite tool for niche scouting. Well, it is #1 tool for more than 90k customers, which means that, obviously, this is a great tool for product and niche scouting.

What I love about Jungle scout is that it can be used by every type of professional or amateur. You don’t need any knowledge (besides how Amazon works) to extract the last drop of juice from the tool.

In just a few clicks, you will be able to find business opportunities and start sourcing products to build your freedom.

Our score

  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • Number of features
  • User friendly

Video review

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