Keepa is one of the two best price watcher and tracker tools for Amazon. The other one is, obviously, the famous CamelCamelCamel.

This tool gives you the price historic for a product and it's sales rank tracker embedding it directly on your browser as an extension available for:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

As a standalone app, it's available for:

  • Android: Google Play Store
  • Mac Os: Apple App Store

How does Keepa work?

Keepa works by gathering data from Amazon and presenting it to you in a graphical format, the famous “Keepa graph” that is integrated in most of the major product research tools for Amazon such as Helium 10, DS Amazon Quick View, AMZScout, all the major online arbitrage apps and more.

The data is updated every 15 minutes (because, as you may know, Amazon pricings / repricings change every 15 minutes) and covers a range of products from books, electronics, toys, and more. You can easily see the price changes of a product over time and even set alerts for when the price drops to a certain level. This way, you will never miss a great deal again.

keepa graph history

How does Keepa chrome extension work?

Keepa comes with a Chrome Extension you can download for free in the following link

1. Install the extension

First, you'll need to install the extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, you'll be able to access the Keepa dashboard from the browser toolbar. From here, you can view product data such as price, category, rank, and rating. You can also view a product's price history over time.

2. Copy paste the product

To track a product's price, simply copy and paste the product's URL into the Keepa dashboard. You'll then be able to view a graph of the price over weeks, months, and years. You can also set alerts for price drops. That's it!

keepa advanced product tracker tool

Keepa features

3 total free features to help you gather any pricing information. Price tracking is available in the 10 different local currencies and for 3.000 million products (and growing) for the following countries:

  • Amazon United States: +950M products
  • Amazon UK: +300M products
  • Amazon Germany: +329M products
  • Amazon France: +289M products
  • Amazon Japan: +330M products
  • Amazon Canada: +164M products
  • Amazon Italy: +175M products
  • Amazon Spain: +326M products
  • Amazon India: +117M products
  • Amazon Mexico: +47M products
  • Amazon Brazil: +5M products
  • Amazon Netherlands: +6M products

By the way, all data is exportable, so you can grab it and play with it.


Keepa starting point to browse products by category, deal type (new, used, collectible, refurbished…), price drop time interval, pricing and discount ranges…

Every product has it's Amazon price history graph, it's tracking product options (your desired price, your desired price for new product or used product…) and it's own tracking alerts in real time. You can receive those alerts both on your browser notifications or your email.

The data filters available are:

Keepa deal types:

  • Amazon
  • Buy Box
  • Collectible
  • Lightning Deals
  • New
  • New, 3rd Party FBA
  • New, 3rd Party FBM
  • Refurbished
  • Sales Rank
  • Trade-In
  • Used
  • Used – Acceptable
  • Used – Good
  • Used – Like New
  • Used – Very Good
  • Used, acceptable
  • Used, good
  • Used, like new
  • Used, very good
  • Warehouse Deals

keepa deals


The source to find your tracked products overview, your wishlists and most recent notifications


The place to find the browser extensions and mobile apps

Keepa API

One of the most used APIs by other tools such as Helium 10. Starting at 49€/ month, this is the most trustable source of Amazon date you will find around. Take a look:

  • +1700 million tracked products
  • Live pricing
  • Live availability
  • Price history data for:
    • Amazon
    • Buy Box
    • Collectible
    • Lightning Deals
    • New / New 3rd Party FBA / New 3rd Party FBM
    • Refurbished
    • Trade-In
    • Used / Used – Acceptable / Used – Good / Used – Like New / Used – Very Good / Used, acceptable / Used, good / Used, like new / Used, very good
    • Warehouse Deals
    • eBay!
  • Sales Rank
  • Offers count
  • Rating count history
  • Review count history
  • Available marketplaces
    • Amazon Brazil
    • Amazon Canada
    • Amazon France
    • Amazon Germany
    • Amazon India
    • Amazon Italy
    • Amazon Japan
    • Amazon Mexico
    • Amazon Netherlands
    • Amazon Spain
    • Amazon UK
    • Amazon United States
  • Detailed BuyBox information, historical price changes and historical seller changes
  • Category details
  • Category searches
  • Category browsing
  • Category IDs
  • Product Finder
  • Best sellers lists
  • Storefront seller metrics


The place to find the most interesting tools on Keepa.

  • Product finder: search on the tool's database and find your product to add it to you watch list
  • Product viewer: import your product lists
  • Best seller lists: the best selling products on Amazon grouped by category
  • Top seller list: Amazon's top selling merchants
  • Category tree: browse Amazon's products by category using a useful category tree
  • Price increase tracking: custom price increase alerts. Every change is notified in real time

keepa product data

How much is Keepa?

Keepa is free but, if you want to use al their available data, there's a 19€ monthly fee / 189€ year so you can unlock the premium features, including:

  • Product finder
  • Product viewer
  • Best seller lists
  • Top seller list
  • Category tree
  • Price increase tracking

Further details can be found on their pricing page

Keepa API pricing

Keepa's API has a different pricing plan depending on the tokens (requests) used per minute

Tokens per minute

Tokens per month

Monthly pricing

























Keepa review

Wether you are a buyer searching for the best deals on products or an agency which wants to retrieve it's client or competition product information, Keepa has a solution for you.

Let's focus on the agency/consultant solutions. Keepa's API will allow you to download lots of product information using Keepa's 500 million product database such as:

  • price history data
  • New and Used
  • Warehouse Deals, FBA, FBM, Collectibles and Refurbished
  • Sales Rank, Offers count, Rating and Review count history.
  • Category details, searches and browsing
  • Best seller lists up to 500k ASINs
  • Etc

As you can see, Keepa is your perfect ally when scouting new markets for you clients and finding new business opportunities.

But it'll take some time, as there are loads of data options available and it will take some time to play along with them all and sort them into your business plans.


  • Money saver: Keepa helps you to save money by allowing you to track the prices of the products you are interested in. By knowing when the price is likely to drop, you can make an informed decision on when to buy the product.
  • A must for online arbitrage: considering it's monthly cost and what you get, man, get your hands on this tool if you're into online arbitrage. Learn how to read the graphics and you won't find any slow-sales products, that's for sure
  • Time saver: Keepa saves you time by automatically tracking the prices of the products you are interested in. You no longer have to manually check the prices of the products every day, as Keepa will do it for you, plus, you can set up alerts, so it's absolutelly passive, you'll get the alert on your email, such as CamelCamelCamel does.
  • Convenience: it is available as a browser extension (and free) or webapp (free as well), you can monitor the prices of your favorite products from anywhere, at any time.
  • Data accuracy: as discussed, most of the online arbitrage apps or major tools such as Helium 10 rely on Keepa's data. Why? It's accurate and it has been gathering data since forever. Keepa not just provides accurate price information, it also updates it every 15 minutes, as the pricings on Amazon do. This way, you'll find fresh info and the last prices and Buy Box movements


  • It takes time: Learning how to read the graphs will take time but, as learning Chinese (time and mind consuming) it's totally worth it. Let's say you'll feel like you had super powers to read how an Amazon product behaves.
  • Works just for Amazon: well, I'm an Amazon reseller, so I don't really fell is as a con but, on the other hand, CamelCamelCamel works for New Egg and other marketplaces so let's just say, Keepa is Amazon limited

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