Kenshoo is a cloud-based marketing tool. It enables brands to leverage their exposure across various digital platforms.

It utilizes the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize a brand's performance. This makes it possible for the brand to connect in a meaningful way with its target audience. This is, of course, the audience with which the brand would like to connect.

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The idea is to gain members of that audience as customers. A brand wishes to engage in a meaningful way on social media platforms with the target customers. This ensures a good relationship between the two. Once they make a connection, the brand should be in a position to make a customer of the connection.

The aim is to increase sales. Kenshoo has been operating for over a decade. It uses the tools of machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence).  This enables it to guide clients on the right path towards their goal. They do this through social media platforms.

They also do it through strategic advertising on digital marketplaces.  For example, Walmart or Amazon. The goal is to increase sales, through meaningful engagement with the desired audience. This is to lead them towards becoming customers. Kenshoo helps customers to optimize their potential on the Internet marketplaces. The aim of Kenshoo is to provide digital marketing at its most effective.

This cloud-based technology platform uses  AI to optimize the effectiveness of its service. Kenshoo has been operating since 2006. It's a leader in various areas of digital marketing. It works across a variety of markets and industries.

Kenshoo features

Every service has unique features to offer to clients. Let’s take a closer look at some of Kenshoo's featured services.

Amazon & Walmart PPC optimization

Kenshoo algorithms are tailored to optimize your Amazon advertising campaigns:

  • Towards custom metrics
  • Towards ROI/ROAS objectives
  • Across campaigns & ad groups
  • Evenly pace budgets over time
  • Forecast delivery & performance

Manage your Amazon and Walmart campaigns

You will be able to:

  • Bulk create & edit campaigns
  • Automatically update campaigns with custom rule

Actionable insights

  • Unify Amazon & Walmart reporting
  • Monitor organic & paid Share of Voice
  • Define & track custom metrics
  • Filter, sort & analyze data at scale
  • Connect data via FTP, S3 & Google Cloud

Cross channel your PPC strategy

Drive Facebook users to your Amazon Store
Consolidate reporting & analysis across channels

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Social Media Management

Kenshoo enables brands to connect with their target audience. Through an AI-powered social media campaign, a brand develops a personality. This can connect with the customers it wishes to serve. The aim is to gain new customers.  Kenshoo’s social media service is effective. It’s a Facebook Marketing Partner.

It can optimize a brand’s performance on other social media platforms too. Think of Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Search Engine Management

Kenshoo can help a company to optimize its performance on the search engines. Using the latest AI-powered techniques, it can help manage SEO campaigns. It can avoid wasteful and unnecessary expenditure on such campaigns.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile users are a huge part of the Internet community. The potential for advertising success with this audience is tremendous. Kenshoo can help clients to reach mobile users who are interested in their business.

Own Software as a Service (SAAS)

Kenshoo provides software to help a brand measure its impact. It measures the performance across various segments of its client base. This empowers a brand to plan effective advertising and marketing campaigns.

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The company doesn’t show a list of pricing tiers on its website. There’s no free account to attract clients. Pricing generally takes the form of a monthly subscription fee. The fee paid by a client depends on the extent and level of services availed. It’s necessary to speak to a representative of the company for pricing information. The general opinion appears to be that Kenshoo pricing seems rather high.


We already mentioned that Kenshoo seems like a costly digital marketing software option. Yet,  it seems to rate five stars almost every time. So we can assume it’s delivering a top-quality service to justify the higher expenditure.

From personal experience, we can endorse the statement that it's an excellent product. Yet, whichever Kenshoo service a customer happens to use, one thing is certain. They're going to need some training is to use the system. There are all kinds of helpful features built into the system.

Yet, it's vital for a Kenshoo client to ensure staff familiarity with every aspect of the system.  This is important to get the best out of it. It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure the best user experience. The customer can do this by acquainting the management and staff with the system. So it seems that proper training is essential to ensure that the client gets the best out of the software.

When it comes to customer support, Kenshoo is up to the mark. Phone and email support is available. Kenshoo’s customers include a mixture of small and medium-sized businesses.  There are also some larger enterprises.

There are some things a client has to love about Kenshoo. One is the way the platform integrates with Amazon and Walmart. Also, it has an excellent social media management system. It keeps customers up to date on their social media accounts. The User Interface is straightforward for clients to use. This makes the user experience (UX) a pleasure.  Kenshoo gives value for money and good service in the digital marketing realm.

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  • User friendly
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