is a keyword research tool focused on marketplaces (Amazon, eBay), Apple’s App Store, Instagram hashtag research, Youtube, Google and Bing.

Of course, if you’re looking for a Google keyword research tool, this is just another option on the market, but if you’re looking for an Amazon keyword research tool with monthly search estimations and seasonality data, you will have to rely on Keywordtool’s data. But, beware, as they say on their own website:

Unfortunately, Amazon does not provide keyword search volume data.
That is why Keyword Tool presents Google search volume for Amazon keywords to help you estimate their relative popularity.

This tool can provide you reliable information, as well as the most direct KPIs source in order to have the best data and reports of your business. discount

Folks at the tools offer this site’s users Keyword Tool Pro Plus subscriptions a discount worth 20 USD / month.

Means if you sign up for a Pro Plus $99, they’ll refund $20 for the first payment made and the following recurring payments after (so it would be $79 / month). Crystal clear.

Just sign up at and send them an email mentioning you saw this promo at and they’ll apply the discount features

Amazon’s keyword research will give you the following data:

  • Keywords and synonims
  • Monthly search volume (on Adwords, not Amazon)
  • Trend (on Adwords, not Amazon)
  • CPC (on Adwords, not Amazon)
  • Competition for that keywords (on Adwords, not Amazon)
  • Plus the ability to export the report
  • Add the negative keywords to a list
  • Find keywords within the search results
  • Filter your research by Amazon category department
  • Search for any Amazon language and country available


Starts at 48$ a month. There’s no trial available review

Although this is one of the best known Amazon keyword research tools, it’s data relies on Google’s Keyword Planner, which we all know is the top information source when doing a Keyword Research.

So, the only advantage on this tool is to pull the autocomplete suggestions from Amazon’s search bar directly into a tool, which is a feature I wouldn’t pay 48$/month for.

Video review

How To Make Keyword Research Using KeywordTool.Io + Google Keyword Planner.

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