Labelresizer is a tool designed for Amazon FBA and Walmart WFS sellers to print shipping labels using thermal, inkjet, or laser printers.

Sellers can easily resize and print labels directly from Amazon Seller Central, Walmart Seller Center, UPS, Fedex, Mercari and more through the use of a browser extension. Additionally, Labelresizer allows Sellers to resize over 100 different shipping and product labels to any label format, including FBA, UPS, FedEx, Amazon Returns, USPS, DHL, DPD, Ebay, Walmart, Etsy, Mercari, Flipkart, Shopify, and ShipBob.

In addition to resizing labels, Labelresizer also allows Sellers to add custom information to their labels, such as expiration dates, best before dates, country of origin, merchant SKUs, and any other text they desire. The tool also includes a separator label and label numbering feature to help preavent fulfillment errors. With Labelresizer's Label Editor, Sellers can even create their own label designs and templates.

label resizer


Labelresizer offers a range of features for Sellers to take advantage of, including:

FNSKU, shipping, and LTL label support

Sellers can print any FBA label using their thermal, inkjet, or laser printers, including FNSKU barcodes, shipping labels, and LTL labels.

Support for thermal label sizes

All DYMO, Zebra, and other thermal label sizes are supported. Nevertheless, Sellers can also type in the width and height of their own thermal label size if it is not on the list.

Support for common paper/sticker label sizes – Avery labels

In addition to thermal labels, Labelresizer also supports common paper/sticker label sizes, allowing Sellers to print with inkjet and laser printers.


Labelresizer allows Sellers to add any informative header, footer, and side text to their product labels, as well as adjust font sizes. Sellers can also add custom text to their box labels.

label resizer label editor

Separator labels and item numbering

Sellers can opt-in to include separator labels or real page breaks between each series of FNSKUs, making it easy to see where each series starts and ends. Sellers can also enable item numbering on each product barcode label.

Printing of complete titles

Labelresizer allows Sellers to print the whole product title on product barcode labels and/or box labels.

Merchant SKUs on labels and FBA shipment box IDs

Sellers can enable the inclusion of merchant SKUs on product labels, box labels, and shipping labels. They can also opt-in to add FBA shipment box IDs to shipping labels.

Generic labels

Labelresizer offers the ability to print a variety of FBA shipping generic labels, including “Sold As Set” and “Team Lift” labels. These labels include icons and text and come in a range of colored formats. Sellers can also request the inclusion of new label structures.

Cloud storage and history

Labelresizer offers a storage service in their own private cloud where Sellers can access their archived labels and view the history of their resized labels.

Imperial and metric support

Labelresizer supports both imperial and metric systems.


Can't find an integration or need to send the info of your labels through an external app? Of course you can! The API to resize the labels works so you can do this from your own app.

Disclaimer: Don't try to copy the following API, I inmediately removed it as it was just for the sake of the following screenshot

label resizer api


Free plan: $0 / month

  • 100 FNSKU per month
  • 10 Shipping Labels per month
  • Resize on your Ecommerce platform
  • Resize through external integrations

Standard plan: $5 / month

  • 1000 FNSKU per month
  • 100 Shipping Labels per month
  • Resize on your Ecommerce platform
  • Resize through external integrations

Professional plan: $15 / month

  • 10,000 FNSKU per month
  • 1,000 Shipping Labels per month
  • Resize on your Ecommerce platform
  • Resize through external integrations

Unlimited plan: $50 / month

  • Unlimited FNSKU per month
  • Unlimited Shipping Labels per month
  • Resize on your Ecommerce platform
  • Resize through external integrations


Labelresizer is a reliable and user-friendly tool for printing shipping labels for Amazon FBA and Walmart WFS sellers. While the lower-tier plans may have limited label printing capabilities, the Unlimited plan offers unlimited label printing for larger businesses. The inclusion of customizability options and the separator label and item numbering feature make Labelresizer a valuable tool for anyone looking to streamline their label printing process.

Now that we've gone over the features and pricing plans of Labelresizer, let's take a look at some pros and cons of the tool:


  • Easy to use:intuitive interface and UX friendly. Everything is easy to find and set-up
  • Wide range of label sizes supported: just check the exhaustive list of features, crazy!
  • Customization options: Sellers can add custom information to their labels and even create their own label designs and templates with the Label Editor.
  • Browser extensions: The Chrome and Firefox extensions make it easy for Sellers to print labels directly from Amazon and Walmart Seller Centers.
  • API service: The API service allows developers to access all of Labelresizer's features.


  • Limited number of labels in lower-tier plans: Sellers on the Free and Standard plans are limited in the number of FNSKUs and shipping labels they can print each month.
  • No support for printing invoices: Some Sellers have reported that Labelresizer does not currently offer support for printing invoices.

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