M19 is a tool for Amazon PPC optimization based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is becoming increasingly common to find these kinds of Amazon tools due to the direct impact they have on profitability.

Amazon ends up being the number one marketplace in most of the countries where it is present. This, logically, means increased competition and a greater reliance on paid campaigns in order to stand out among so many sellers and vendors.

This is where intelligent automated advertising tools come into play –tools like M19, which has an algorithm of its own able to anticipate and forecast the actions to be taken, so that our strategies and tactics get the most out of every invested penny.

According to their own studies, profit increase could be estimated at up to 40% in just the first 3 months. As an additional benefit, you or the person in charge would save 15 hours of work per week –which is, undoubtedly, more money in your pocket in an indirect way.

How does M19 achieve these results? By automatically controlling the ACOS (Advertising Costs of Sales) through machine learning. M19’s machine learning engine selects the keywords and competitors to target, and is able to increase the advertising investment drastically on its own –as long as ACOS is not surpassed. Altogether, this leads to a direct impact in organic rankings.

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M19 Features

M19 is a really advanced tool technically speaking. But even though you don’t really need to understand how it works on the inside to make the most out of it –which is one of its virtues–, it is always convenient to get to know its main features.

Easy configuration

Actually, the term “configuration” sounds a bit excessive considering that you only have to give access to its API to your Amazon seller account.

The integration could not be easier, because it requires absolutely nothing else. Getting M19 up and running is just a matter of minutes.

Focus on the business and strategy side of advertising

With M19 you will no longer need to create or change campaigns, or download reports to adjust all the bids keyword by keyword: the tool does it on your behalf, and it does it right. M19 manages the bid for each keyword ASIN every day –which means thousands and thousands of actions a day that you will be spared of.

100% automated optimization

Once M19 has the required access, it is ready to start creating campaigns. To do this, it relies on a process that goes through the following phases:

  • Exploration: this is where it creates the campaign, and it does so by multiplying the number of keywords or ASINs in order to cover a larger strategic spectrum and reach further audiences.
  • Prediction: M19's proprietary Machine Learning engine is able to adjust the strategy in real time with its daily performance predictions. It predicts conversion rate for every (ASIN, keyword) pair.
  • Competition: it uses its learning ability to modify and adjust your bids based on the bids of your competition on every specific keyword managed by M19.
  • Piloting: based on all of the above, M19 performs a daily campaign optimization to make sure that the ACOS goals, set when creating the campaigns, are being met.

We emphasize that everything happens automatically. You just have to connect the tool, set up a daily budget and define the ACOS target.

Kill recurring tasks (bye bye, keyword research)

We already mentioned that one of this tool’s strongest suits is its ability to save you time.

To do so, it optimizes a variety of tasks but, undoubtedly, the one in which you will notice the most time savings is keyword research. Simply put, it is just something you will no longer have to do. The system is able to keep the list of terms updated by adding those that may arise as opportunities and predicting their performance.

The right balance between controlling and delegating PPC management

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For savvy and advanced users, it is possible to go a step further when creating an M19 strategy. Users can design a tactic to import a list of keywords or competitors they want the tool to handle separately, and assign them different bidding pressures.

The most common cases for tactics use are:

  • Competitors attack
  • To boost rankings on generic keywords
  • To improve rankings on high volume keywords
  • Brand protection

But the best of all is, it does it all on a daily basis and without you being aware of it.

Optimizes all ad formats

M19 optimizes all ad formats: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands headline and video and Sponsored Display. It is even possible to combine video and headline in one strategy or to configure multiple headlines and assets and let the tool A/B test and run the best performing one.

Works in 14 countries

Undoubtedly one of the benefits of selling on Amazon is that it simplifies any business internationalization process. That is why it is important to have tools that are able to adapt to and scale the strategy on different marketplaces.

With M19 you will have that aspect fully covered, since you can implement independent strategies locally in:

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Australia
  • India
  • Japan

Its dashboards are very complete and functional, and allow you to check the data both aggregated or divided by each of the areas we are working on. This way you may have a panoramic view of your strategy without losing local focus.

M19 Pricing

Taking into account the improvement your customers will experience in terms of performance, as well as the optimization of resources involved, you will not find it hard to recover M19’s monthly cost rapidly.

Also bear in mind that, unlike other eCommerce tools, they don't just set 3 or 4 plans across the board: they set different fees depending on the customer's turnover.

To give you an idea: on the lower turnover bracket –up to $360k–, it has a monthly cost of 240$, with discounts that can be applied depending on the billing cycle.

M19 Reviews

In general, customers of this Amazon ad management tool tend to highlight the improved performance of their campaigns in the short-medium term. In that sense, it delivers what it promises because it is not difficult to find success stories in which ACOS is reduced by 10% or more while sales are multiplied exponentially.

Another aspect almost everybody agrees on is its overall simplicity. To begin with, the user’s learning curve is practically 0; everything is done by the software, with practically no human intervention. And it also has very well designed reports and control dashboards to be able to access the data in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

Last but not least, it offers a 12-month history back record, which allows you to review the evolution of your Amazon ad strategy deeply enough.

In short: a tool that we recommend to Amazon sellers who are investing in advertising (sponsored products, display, brands or video).

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