ManageByStats is one of the most powerful Amazon Analytics softwares built by Amazon Sellers, for Amazon Sellers. It provides reports and data which is not available on Amazon or it's really hard to find, so you are going to have an easier approach to all the information that may influence the choice of your next steps on the business.

This tool will allow you to have a new approach on your seller data, find new insights and boost your sales. Because good business decisions are, 90% of times, data driven decisions.

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Managebystats features

Lots of tools focused on customer and order data retrieval:

Individual graphs

Individual graphs sortable by day, week, month and year, custom date range, refunds, cost of goods and Amazon payouts.. The info available is grouped by seller account, brand, product line and product.

Detailed order information

Check your orders information: product charges, promo rebates, Amazon fees, other expenses, quantities, Amazon ad costs, marketing performance click-thru rates (CTR), ad impressions and average cost-per-click (CPC).

Search by orders data: date, SKU, Order ID, contact name, type of order, quantity ordered, payout, cost, refunded item and product review

Detailed refunds information

Check you refunds, shipping fees, warehouse fees, other expenses and your totals

Customer data at a glance

  • Search by customer data: name, Amazon email, phone, city and state
  • Generate customer reports and see which customers purchased any brand, product line or product
  • Generate repeating customer reviews to evaluate your heavy users

Other tools included

There's also an:

  • Advanced inventory management tool
  • Re-order notifications tool
  • BuyBox tracking tool
  • Conversion rate tool
  • And 1,000 SellerMail free messages per month (equals 8$ for free)

Also, you can easily import you Amazon data automatically:

  • brands
  • products ASINs
  • SKUs…
  • and group them on your own defined product lines.

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59.97$ a month for all the features, no matter your sales volume or number of SKUs


14 day free trial. No credit card needed.

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Manage By Stats review

Managebystats is a cheaper alternative to Helloprofit which will allow Amazon Sellers to spot business and growth opportunities based on their own data.

When dealing with Amazon Seller Central's reports, you often get lost, as there are lots of graphs, informations and even hidden data from all over the Internet that you are going to be able to gather through this tool. Managebystats works as an out-of-the-box software that simply connects to your Seller Central as a third party tool and grabs every piece of information available transforming it into nice graphs and tables.

manage by stats dashboard

One of the features I love is similar to one available also at Helloprofit: export your repeating customers. You can cross that data with your best sellers and spot new product research opportunities or even bundle opportunities.

As usual, it would be great to have this kind of tools available also for the Vendor profiles.

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ManageByStats - A Complete Amazon Seller Software Suite

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