If you have a business you will ever need to do a market analysis that includes various factors, such as competition and prices, to do this there is Minderest, one of the best software in its category.

With Minderest you can improve and optimize your prices by comparing them with those of your competitors, and thus gain advantages from it.

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What is Minderest

Minderest is a price optimization solution, very useful for those people who want to perform a market analysis, especially when comparing their products and prices with those of websites such as Amazon, Ebay and Google Shopping.

It is a company founded in 2012, one of the first companies of its kind, for which it is well known, reliable and efficient. In fact, it is currently the market leader in Europe.

It is no secret to anyone that in online commerce, and in any other type of commerce, prices are a key and decisive factor in the success of your company. Therefore, Minderest offers you the possibility to analyze the competition and monitor their prices, promotions, discounts and in general, the products they offer, all in a very detailed way.

With this tool you can make a price analysis, which will undoubtedly serve to improve your distribution strategies and prices as such, and therefore significantly improve your sales.

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Minderest features

As I already mentioned, the services offered by Minderest are based on an exhaustive analysis of competitors' prices; especially those products related to yours on online platforms such as Amazon, Ebay and Google Shopping.

Among the main services offered by Minderest, the following stand out:

  • Analysis of the main products competitive with yours.
  • Study and analysis of the market in general.
  • Possibility of managing several stores simultaneously.
  • Exhaustive price analysis.
  • Repricing tool
  • Improvement and optimization of strategies and prices.
  • Profitability analysis.
  • Monitoring of the competition and its various prices, promotions and products.


In addition, what a tool does you have to look at how much it costs, a determining factor in order to be able to buy it.

However, with Minderest this could cease to be a headache for you, as it is one of the few price solutions, which offer a free trial. Without a doubt this is an excellent option, since it will allow you to analyze how the program works and if it adapts to your needs or not.

Once you have made use of the free trial, and you want to continue with their services, you will be able to communicate with them and acquire the plan that best suits your needs.

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Who uses Minderest

Minderest is a software that can be used by any person or company that needs to analyze prices, since it has a little complex interface, but at the same time, it provides very complete tools that adapt to any organization.

This company is leader in the European market and increasingly scales up market positions worldwide. For this reason, it is used by important companies such as: L'Oreal, Dawsons Music, Shiseido; as well as thousands of small businesses and retailers.


When it comes to choosing a product, we are usually guided by other people's opinions as well. Those who have already tried the product can give their opinion on how it went.

Of course, each experience is purely personal, because each person or company has different needs; however, it can be used as a reference.

In general, Minderest's opinions are based on the fact that it has a very intuitive and easy to use interface; something that is undoubtedly noticeable in a software of this type, as it allows a better and more optimal handling.

On the other hand, the quality-price ratio is also flattering. Also noteworthy is its free trial; something that most price analysis software does not own, and that clearly puts Minderest at an advantage.

Another highlight of this software is that it is really useful; since it allows you to analyze prices in such a complete way, it clearly provides a great advantage in terms of optimization and improvement of strategies.

In general, Minderest is widely recommended because the advantages it brings to any type of store or business are great, especially when it comes to e-commerce, something so common and useful today.

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