Having an entity that helps you centralize and streamline your payment processes is an excellent idea that makes everything easier and, even if you think it is not possible to get one like this, let me tell you that there is; and Payxpert is one of them

It is an innovative payment provider company, so if you are looking for an entity like this, do not waste your time looking elsewhere because without a doubt Payxpert is highly recommended

If you want to know more about it, continue reading because in this opportunity I bring you information about the services it offers, the rates, who can make use of it and, of course, opinions of users who already use it


What is Payxpert

Payxpert is an independent payment entity that was developed in 2008 by some talented young people with great experience in the area. The aim of its creation was to provide customers with solutions and knowledge about payment methods

But that's not all, because thanks to the many tools it provides, it helps its customers to boost their sales and optimize the payment process

The truth is that this platform has developed many solutions that give rise to various forms of payment, so the only thing you have to decide is the type of channel you want to activate to get the increase in your sales, since it offers highly innovative payment methods that optimize conversion and minimize risks

Payxpert integrates seamlessly with the main CMS online stores, for example, Magento, Prestashop, Opencart, OS Commerce, WordPress, Woocommerce, Zen-Cart and others

Services offered by Payxpert

There are many services offered by Payxpert, that is why its use is expanding worldwide, and it is not for less since it is an effective alternative to boost sales and have new payment methods

Among the main services provided by this platform are the following

  • Advanced statistics: you can analyze all your data and obtain easy-to-understand statistics, as well as keep track of all your transactions.
  • Administration module: you can obtain invoices where you can see all your income, fees and retained amounts. Reconciliations are made super simple, saving you time and profits.
  • Technical and support team available: there are trained personnel to provide solutions and support for any situation.
  • Dashboard: an incredible tool where you can see the behavior of your customers and your business in general.
  • More than 100 payment methods: Payxpert offers different payment methods so that users can pay in a simpler way.
  • Security: The security of payment data is guaranteed thanks to the tokenization technology of this platform.
  • Currencies: Payxpert works with more than 40 currencies, thanks to the extensive network of acquiring banks.



In order to make use of this payment provider there are certain plans available, which are perfectly adapted to the needs of each user. But to know the price of them you must fill out the contact form on the website and request your budget

Who uses Payxpert

Any company wishing to acquire the services of this website can do so without any inconvenience, since it is designed for any public that needs it

And is that its functionality is quite simple and provides tools that are useful for everyone, so as long as you can pay monthly for the service, anyone who wants to use the platform can do so without any problem

Since its creation this company has expanded in many countries and, it is all thanks to the quality of its services; among the countries where it maintains a presence are the following: Spain, Germany, Taiwan, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Italy, among others


If before purchasing Payxpert you want to know what its users say to get a better idea of whether or not it is really worth paying to have it, here are the most outstanding opinions

Payxpert has received good acceptance from users, so much so that many recommend it with their eyes closed, and the truth is that it is not for less, since the service provided is excellent and the people behind this project are qualified.

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