PickFu is a tool to collect feedback in eCommerce and marketplaces like Amazon that stands apart from any other. Just because it offers a different approach, it’s worthwhile to consider.

How is it different from other alternatives? Basically, it is aimed at obtaining qualitative information before putting a new product into production, a copy of our product sheet/listing, the photos that we use…

It works by contrasting two alternatives and letting the potential target audience choose one of them and, additionally, leave us a comment justifying their vote.

In a way, we can say that PickFu helps us identify insights and create hypotheses.

It does not exactly replace A/B tests, but it is really useful when it comes down to debug the elements to be tested. It works as a prior validation filter and collects much more specific data than the data that we could possibly get by doing an open survey or a form. It goes right to the point.

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PickFu Features

Keep in mind that PickFu’s goal is to offer an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, so you should note expect a long list of features and functionalities. What makes PickFu so powerful is that it favours the specific, so it would make no sense to offer a hyper-complex tool.

To give you an idea of ​​how easy it is to work with PickFu, just let me tell you that you only have to do 3 things to start getting results.

Suggested or personalized questions

You can create or choose the question: you have both options. Either you can set up the text and the meaning of the question, or you can choose one from the tool’s predetermined questions pool.

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The good thing is that you can be as specific or generic as you need.

Different audiences available

When carrying out a survey, usually we all have the same issue: where do we find an audience to conduct the survey with? Will this audience meet the minimum required criteria? Will they actually reply to the test?

With PickFu, you can solve this problem from the very same platform. The tool itself has a community of categorized “opinion makers” based on 45 criteria and multiple interests or behaviors that you can mutually combine to create the segment you need. For example:

  • Women
  • Married
  • Amazon Prime customers
  • With interest in cooking
  • Who rent their homes
  • And with mobile shopping habits

When setting it up, you will see all the available audiences. Specifically, you will be allowed to pick yours from among 83 different audiences.

Quality control in replies

PickFu has a user database that reaches 10,000 (all of them in the United States).

They all charge for their work and are subject to PickFu’s quality control and algorithm. If the answers are not within the company’s demanding requirements, they are outright rejected.

Participants in PickFu surveys do so voluntarily and with a real interest in providing relevant information. This is very clear if we compare them with audiencies that we can collect by other means. Some of them are people who even perceive surveys as a nuisance and want to go through them quickly in order to move on to the next thing.

Also, PickFu audiences will not see prior results. This is important because we will avoid biasing their answers.


It doesn’t matter if you want to contrast two different packaging proposals for a product or  play with 5 different copies for an Amazon listing. There are no limits to what can be tested; this tool only limits the number of items that can be studied on a single survey.


You may be thinking: “If this tool collects questions online, could they be seen in search engines?”

Absolutely not. Everything that happens inside the platform (results and reports) stays there and is not accessible in any way to Google or any other search engine. It cannot be indexed.

PickFu Pricing

For just $50 you can launch surveys that will be answered by 50 different users. If you need more, no problem, the price evolves accordingly: 1 user costs 1 dollar.

There are other costs that you should know about such as segmentation costs. Each criterion that you add to your audience has an additional cost of $ 0.40 per user who replies.

If you are going to use this tool repeatedly, there is a subscription plan that will be more benefitial to you. You can check what it includes directly on their website.

PickFu Reviews

Whether you have an eCommerce or you sell on Amazon, this platform is perfect to refine your strategy. The quality data you get is perfect to develop long-term strategies or to correct small details that have a direct impact on conversions.

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Highly recommended to perform qualitative analysis by yourself, without the intervention of an agency.

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