Piranha Pricer

Piranha Pricer is the Amazon tool that you do need if are looking for a niche of products to start selling on Amazon. Whether you are an Amazon merchant seller or already an Amazon FBA, thanks to this tool you will be able to find thousands of products in a wholesale list, based on a little search.

Piranha Pricer Features

  • Piranha helps you pick where you should start when wanting to sell, so you can use that set of information as a criteria to help you pick potential product-winners.
  • You will聽save time by cutting down so many hours of research as well as the frustration that it does often ensures.
  • Piranha Pricer is a really simple to use tool, where you can obtain thousands of information and data about product, by just downloading it in an XLS, CSV or XLSX file.
  • It does provide聽realtime Amazon Market data, providing you with the best viewpoint on how your competitors are doing on the marketplace: ranking, fba fees, sellers, BuyBox Proce and Monthly Storage fees, between others.
  • You can track your profits so easily and it can also calculate your ROI and potential profit by just receiving the highlights products that are most likely to be profitable.
  • Filters to help you narrow dow your search results, this way you can save your time, as well as being able to receive data unfiltered.
  • Gather information about any list size, where you can be running the analysis of thousands and thousands of products per hour.
  • Keep track of the product cost, expenses, FBA, Amazon Storage Fees, Shipping, and many more.


You can enjoy a Free Piranha Pricer Trial where you can:

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  • Analyze up to 25,000 items.
  • Amazon's US/MX/CA Marketplaces.
  • Download files on XLSX/CSV/XLS formats.
  • Receive real-time Amazon data.
  • Obtain filtered results.


The other plan that this Product Research Amazon tool does offer is a subscription for $39 per month, where you can benefit yourself from everything you can test on the free trial, but with unlimited options of items to analyze.

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Piranha Pricer Review

Piranha Pricer is a really good Amazon Product Research tool where you can receive a lot of information about potential products to work with in CA/US/MX Marketplaces. Thanks to the features that this tool provides you with, you will be able to analyze many variables of information about what will have a better ROI if you do want to invest in a new are of products.

Whether you are a Merchant Seller or an Amazon FBA, you will find out that the features this Amazon tool does offer will get you covered with the most powerful and fastest graphs of data 聽for product list research, so you can get your work for potential Amazon best sellers to the next level.

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Piranha Pricer Introduction

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