Price Checker 2

Pricechecker 2 is a perfect ally when searching for the best products for your FBA products compared to any wholesaler database. In just a few minutes you can detect a business opportunity, spot it’s competition and know exactly the amount of stock you need to order to not suffer overstocking. As easy as that (well, actually not, but it’s pretty easy).

If you are wondering the difference between Price Checker 1 and 2, well, it’s easy. Basically you can run 500.000 items on the software and it will still work at a rate of, aprox., 18.000 items per hour.

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Price Checker 2 features

4 features to help you scout great sourcing deals:

Multipack detection

Find great offers by locating multipacks which are sold cheaper together

Intelligent UPC correction

Automatic detection of the tipo of ID you are using for scouting products: ASIN, UPC, EAN or ISBN.

Filter results live

Lots of filters (and customizable) to sort your products. Filter if Amazon is a Seller”, set rank level, profit levels, customer reviews, product weight…

Number of Buy Box competitors

Find how many competitors does this golden product have and spot Buy Box winning opportunities


It has one only pricing option: 69$ a month.


You can try it free for just one run and up to 20.000 items.

Price Cheker 2 review

Well, well, well. If I had knew you a few years ago… I would have scouted like a pro. Pricechecker works for Amazon United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and UK and will let you scan 18.000 items per hour in search for the best product opportunities on your wholesalers product list.

Find, in minutes, accurated data (against Amazon APIs) like shipping costs, product reviews, buy box competitors, Amazon selling the product, dimensional weight data or price tracking.

Ever wondered how it feels to have an Amazon FBA calculator software directly on your desktop? well, you can have the best one now and upload any list of wholesale products from your supplier and search for best selling products on Amazon.

If used in “reverse mode” will let you find new opportunities with your wholesalers as you will identify just the right amount of stock to buy on any product.

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