PriceAPI is tool for real-time e-commerce market data to help businesses track and get real time data about: Competitor prices, Product details, Search rankings, Bestselling products, Sellers and competitors, Ratings & reviews and Deals & promotions.

It collects data from major retailers like Amazon, price comparison sites like Google Shopping, and marketplaces like eBay. Monitors 1,5M shops, 1,7B products accross 30 countries.


PriceAPI offers competitive pricing, cost management, product catalog and management, Amazon and Google SEO optimization, competitor analysis, review handling, and marketing optimization. Let's check it out:

Competitor price tracking

Get competitors' base prices, shipping costs, and availability for effective pricing strategy and cost management accross multiple channels

Product information collection

Collect product details such as name, description, brand, pictures, features, categorization, and identifiers from various platforms, modify them in bulk and sync the new info.

Search rank monitoring

Track and improve product rankings in Amazon and Google search to drive more organic traffic and sales.

Bestselling product insights

Identify top-performing products from major marketplaces and price comparison sites to optimize assortment.

Seller analysis

A tool to understand your competitors' landscape: selling strategies, ratings, pricing, shipping conditions and stock levels for effective competitor analysis and strategy setting.

Ratings and reviews

Access individual product reviews and perform sentiment analysis to gain insights from customer feedback, pros and cons, generate a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Oportunities y Threats) on every SKU to improve the products and listings.

Deals and promotions monitoring

Stay updated on competitor promotions and price reductions to optimize marketing strategies so you can match them or match their pricings repricing your products.

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PriceAPI offers a free trial with 1,000 credits to explore the full range of its product. No credit card is required, and there is no time limit for the trial.


PriceAPI connects to pretty much every tool via their API


PriceAPI offers different subscription plans with volume discounts. The plans include:

  • GO plan: 5,000 credits/month, €99/month, additional credits
  • BASIC plan: 20,000 credits/month, €259/month
  • STARTER plan: 50,000 credits/month, €499/month
  • ADVANCED plan: 200,000 credits/month, €999/month
  • PRO plan: 500,000 credits/month, €1,499/month
  • ENTERPRISE plan: Custom credits/month, yearly contract, pricing available on request


PriceAPI offers a suite of tools and Marketplace/ecommerce/price comparison sites data resulting in a completo and competitive software for market analysis.

While the platform might be a bit too much for begginers (believe me, if it's your case, this tool is not for you) and the pricing can be steep for higher tiers, the potential ROI for businesses that effectively use this tool can be significant as they will keep an eye 24/7 on their competitors and will have an advantage to take action “against” competitors.


  • Access to 1.7 billion products across 1.5 million shops in 30 countries
  • From competitor price tracking to Amazon and Google SEO optimization
  • Offers a detailed understanding of competitors' strategies, shipping conditions, stock levels and more
  • Access individual product reviews and perform sentiment analysis
  • The free trial of 1,000 credits without the requirement of a credit card and without a time constraint is great for new users


  • With access to such a large amount of data, some businesses might find it challenging to sift through and interpret the information. This is not for juniors, folks.
  • High learning curve due to the wide range of features and analytics available
  • Smaller businesses or startups might find the higher-tier plans, especially the PRO and ADVANCED, to be out of their budget range

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