ProfitCyclops is a comprehensive statistics dashboard that allows you to visualize, in detail, the profitability of your Amazon Seller account.

ProfitCyclops works with 7-8 figure Amazon veterans to make it the best tool to increase profitability and scale up your business model.

With more than 2,000 subscribers, ProfitCyclops has more than 10 8-figure sellers and 1 9-figure seller using their platform.

With this tool you will be able to see all the details related to

  • Orders + Orders Summary
  • Profit & Loss
  • Insights
  • Reports
  • Inventory + Stock Alert
  • Return Orders

Let's break down each of these reports

Profit Cyclops General Overview v1.1



Here you can see the general status of your account both for today and for previous dates, up to 2 years with the Plus Plan.

And, one of the most appealing features is the ability to compare periods to see increases and decreases in the metrics of:

  • Total sales
  • Total profit
  • Total orders
  • Average order value (this metric is not shown by all Amazon analytics tools)

In addition, you will be able to see the summaries of the last 24 months of:

  • Advertising Fees
  • Cost of Goods
  • Fulfillment fees
  • Inventory Fees
  • Number of Units Sold
  • Profit
  • Refund Cost
  • Revenue

profit cyclops dashboard


The breakdown of your orders, featuring data such as:

  • Product info: Picture | Sku-Asin | Product Name
  • Transaction cost including
    • COGS
    • Shipping: FBA/FBM
    • Referral fees
    • Storage fees
    • CPA (this is key for your business!)
  • Purchase Date-Order Id
  • Quantity purchased
  • Price
  • Profit
  • Tag (in case you want to group any orders with your custom tags)

The way profits are calculated is simple, yet effective: Profit Cyclops distributes storage and ad cost to each transaction so, let’s say you sell 100 products spending $100 for the last 14 days, the CPA will be $1 for each item and this cost will be decreased to calculate the profit.

As I already commented, CPA is a key metric for your business and although it is hard to believe, many analytics tools for Amazon do not include that metric.

profit cyclops orders data

Order Summary

This feature is similar to the orders report but it’s easier to find data for the past 15, 30, and 60 days and also whichever range is selected.

The metrics include:

  • Product’s data_ Picture | Sku-Asin | Fnsku | Product Name
  • Tags
  • Product’s Availability
  • Pending (stock incoming and reserved)
  • Last 15 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • Last 60 Days
  • Selected Range Sale
  • Current Cost
  • Current Profit

You can also look at your last year's Christmas or Summer sales and prepare yourself accordingly so it’s easier to understand the selling cycles and never run out of stock.

Finally, you can include non sold products on the report, so it’s easier to view which SKUs have a poor performance.

Profit&Loss report

If you are selling on Amazon, you’ll know by now that there are a lot of fees involved. Actually, more than 70. And it’s pretty difficult to understand them or even to find their reports using the Business Reports on Seller Central.

Why? Well, let's just say that for Amazon, the less you understand their fees, the harder it is to assess whether you're making or losing money. If you understand (too well) why you are losing money, it is easier for you to stop selling on Amazon and that is something that the marketplace does not want

Most sellers are shocked by the insight data provided. Most suppose their margins and ROI are better. Amazon always tries to take the biggest bite and this is only growing and growing. As you may know, only the FBA fees have risen by 30% in the last year.

So, the P&L report is a great dashboard to see real profitability and save yourself time and money by observing all the fees associated with selling on Amazon. Check it out:

profit cyclops profit loss report

What is interesting is not only the information you have just seen, but also the level of detail in some of the reports. For example, in the case of the refund report, you can see data such as:

  • Refunded Amount
  • Refunded Referral Fee
  • Refund Commission
  • Value of Returned Items

In the fulfillment report, we have the data of:

  • Referral
  • FBA Fulfillment
  • Shipping

In the Ads Cost, we can see the detail of costs in

  • Sponsored Products
  • SponsoredDisplay
  • Sponsored Brand
  • Sponsored Brand
  • promotions
  • Coupon Redemption Fee

And, in the inventory report, reports of

  • Storage Cost
  • Inbound Transportation

I've tried many analytics tools for Amazon, and in many of them, you can't find this level of information. Many are limited to showing the total cost of advertising, total storage… but you do not understand what the breakdown of each cost is and, therefore, it is more difficult to optimize your operations.


In this section we can find the best-selling products and the most profitable products.

In addition, we will be able to see the P&L of each product to better understand why they are so profitable.

Let's say it's a mini audit of the best of your catalog


Report dashboard

This is the place to find the main reports and their shortcuts classified under:

  • Sales report (and Total Sales)
  • Orders (and total orders)
  • Profit Margin
  • Advertising Report

Inventory list

One of the most comprehensive reports on Amazon inventory that I have seen in a tool that is not specific to inventory management.

Here we can see information such as:

  • Product info: Picture | SKUs | ASINS | FNSKU| Product Name
  • Tag
  • Availability
  • Pending Stock
  • Current Cost of inventory
  • Inventory Cost Worth
  • Sales Turnout

And, per SKU:

  • Available Inventory
  • Reserved and Inbound Inventory
  • Unsellable inventory
  • Sales to Day
  • Total Sales Count
  • Total Revenue
  • Total Cost
  • Total profit
  • And the detailed P&L report

profit cyclops inventory report

Stock Alert

A great tool to replenish inventory. The ledger is dynamic and can be adjusted according to lead time.

The report is organized in 4 tabs:

  • Priority
  • Regular
  • Overstock
  • Ignored products

Each product has a customization so you can edit the color code associated with the SKU and view its stock levels:

  • Priority Red: by default, the setup comes with 5 days of supply
  • Priority Orange: 15 days of supply
  • Priority Yellow: 30 days of supply
  • Regular: 60 days supply
  • Overstock: 180 days supply

This grouping allows us to see the products with an associated classification to determine if we are going to break stock or if we have too much stock. This information is very useful to maintain an optimal IPI Score in our Seller Central.

profit cyclops stocks report

Return orders

A tool to keep track on the returns checking:

  • Items sold
  • Number of returns
  • % of returns

And more info associated with the return:

  • Order Id
  • Date
  • Number of Returns vs Number of solds
  • Reason for the return
  • Detailed Disposition of the item (wether it’s sellable, defective…)
  • Comments of the user regarding the return

profit cyclops return orders report


There are 4 pricing plans:

Starter plan / $1.99 a month, includes

  • No contracts
  • No added fees
  • Sales, inventory, ads & stock overview reports
  • Syncs every 10 minutes
  • Detailed sales monitoring
  • Chat support
  • 6 months data range
  • No revenue cap

Standard plan / $1.99 a month for 3 months, then $19.99, includes

  • No contracts
  • No added fees
  • Sales, inventory, ads & stock overview reports
  • Syncs every 10 minutes
  • Detailed sales monitoring
  • 7/24 Chat support
  • 12 months data range
  • No revenue cap

Plus plan / $1.99 a month for 3 months, then $39.99, includes

  • No contracts
  • No added fees
  • Sales, inventory, ads & stock overview reports
  • Syncs every 10 minutes
  • Detailed sales monitoring
  • 7/24 Chat support
  • 24 months data range
  • No revenue cap
  • Multiple marketplace integrations
  • Shipstation integration

Enterprise plan / $1.99 a month for 3 months, then $99.99, includes

    • No contracts
    • No added fees
    • Sales, inventory, ads & stock overview reports
    • Syncs every 10 minutes
    • Detailed sales monitoring
    • 7/24 Chat support
    • 24 months data range
    • No revenue cap
    • Multiple marketplace integrations
    • Shipstation integration
    • Real time on-boarding support
  • Custom feature requests

A free demo is available here

ProfitCyclops review

ProfitCyclops is a great tool and absolutely affordable for every Amazon Seller who is looking to understand all of your sales data, whether you're just starting to sell on Amazon or looking to improve, optimize, and scale your business.

ProfitCyclops contains all the necessary tools and data to be able to evaluate the profitability of your business on Amazon without having to pay large amounts of money.

The fact that you can use it for 3 months for only $1.99 is already a great advantage over all its direct competitors, but the fact is that, in addition, the tool contains a series of metrics that, as I have mentioned in the review, you will not find in other similar tools.

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly
User Review
  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly

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