ProfitScraper is a tool that provides the ultimate solution for many online Ecommerce such as Amazon, CostCo, Ebay and Overstock. They support websites on UK, USA and EU, depending on which one you are interested in.

It is very useful if you do want to easily find and come to the top 1000’s Hot Selling Items that are similar to the ones you are targeting and prospecting to.

ProfitScraper Features

All the plans do have the same features, but what varies is the number of searches/day, products/month scraped from the bulk upload to Ebay, the frequency of the price/stock monitoring and the price “cents/order” for Amazon Auto ordering.

  • Hot Item Finder (searches/day)
  • Bulk Upload to Ebay (products/month)
  • Price/Stock Monitoring (by mins)
  • Amazon Auto Ordering (cents/order)
  • Amazon USA/UK/EU
  • CostCo UK/USA
  • Automatic VERO protection
  • Blocked Words/Sellers/ASINs
  • Unlimited eBay Accounts
  • Unlimited VA Accounts
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Automatic Tracking Upload
  • Private Facebook Community
  • 1-2-1 Coaching (30 Mins)
  • Comprehensive Knowledgebase
  • Live Chat Support


Depending on the number of listings that may wanna have access to after the scraping, the monthly pricing varies. It goes from $47/month for 500 listings*, $2,500/month for 100,000 listings.

You do not have any monthly commitment, you can cancel anytime and even upgrade/downgrade anytime.

*They do not offer any price plans for less than 500 listings.


There is a 14 day trial for $1, so you do have to enter your credit card information in order to access to it. They do it to prevent access to robots or spammers opening fraudulent accounts.

ProfitScraper Review

ProfitScraper is pretty useful for its features, and specially for the fact that they do automatically monitors the prices and the stock on many websites, every 45 minutes.

Because they offer a wide range of information, their dashboards and reporting are so powerful in order to make an easy view of the performance of your products, and its costs and revenue. Also, they do offer a really competitive help-service.

Our score

  • Pricing
  • Learning Curve
  • Number of Features
  • User Friendly

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