SAGE 200

Sage 200 is a flexible business management ERP solution for small and medium-sized companies. It features proactive intelligence, which keeps all your business processes integrated.

Nowadays, companies demand to be connected. Customers, suppliers and competitors are already digital. The answer is not a sum of tools focused, each one of them, on a specific problem, but a global strategy that allows companies to communicate with the entire market at once and access the advantages of this new era. Sage 200 Advanced Edition features a wide ecosystem of connected solutions to work both within the company and with clients and suppliers in such an easy and natural way that they even seem to belong to your company.

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Thanks to Sage 200 Advanced Edition’s modular solution, you will be able to grow at your own pace and according to your needs, with the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll always have the best solution for your business.

Sage 200 Features

Choose the platform you need, and add the ERP modules that you need, such as:

  • Accounting and Finance: Ensure complete control with a flexible configuration of the Accounting Plan, a quick entry of income and expenses and easy-to-search seats.
  • Sales Management: It manages the entire purchase and sales cycle, planning stocking needs and linking it to the accounting portfolio.
  • Manufacturing: Sage 200 fits into the demand requirements and optimizes the planning of any production process. All the necessary features to control your production with flexibility and speed.
  • Projects: Especially intended for companies that carry out non-repetitive work, which needs to be budgeted, planned and executed according to certain specifications, and where delivery time and cost control are both very important.
  • Post-Sales Service: Sage 200 Customer Service’s multiple features bring you an obvious competitive advantage, together with savings, fidelization improvement and a high productivity increase.
  • Customer Management Service: Customer service and marketing, and POS terminals are business solutions that enable to apply a new client-focused management model to companies.
  • Labor and Human Resources Management.
  • Business Intelligence: Access a global vision of all your company’s indicators. Dive into all processes through data analysis, and make the most appropriate decisions with perfect timing.

And with Alisio, the proactive assistant that helps you in your day-to-day life, you will get 100% of the software's potential from day one. The solution itself proactively guides your users so that performance is top and everything is at hand.

Alisio is the proactive assistant that makes your daily operations easier. It keeps you up-to-date about legal news, task alerts, and colleagues’ notifications. It offers you contextual help, with videos, access to manuals or the chat from the solution itself. It is fully configurable so that you receive exactly the information that you need.

You will have the best experience with Sage 200 Advanced Edition, with which you will be able to surf without menus and know where you are at all times. Sage 200 is always aligned with the latest technology advancements and application environments. This is why it is fully compatible with the latest versions of MS Windows, MS Office and MS SQL Server.

Sage 200 Integrations

With Sage 200 Advanced Edition, you now have a greater ecosystem of connected solutions to match your business’ specific needs. Even third-party applications may be integrated with Sage 200 in a natural way. Thanks to the connectivity features of its API platform, with Sage 200 you will find solutions that will improve your company’s productivity and day-to-day life.

  • Documents’ digital signature, to streamline the process of document issuing, receiving and approving, maximizing profit and reducing costs. Furthermore, the signature is fully apt for legal evaluation.
  • Automation of processes, such as Sage Digital Docs (received invoices’ scanning and automatic accounting).
  • Online catalog, multimedia management of product catalogs, mobile order registration, customer management…
  • Sage 200 connects with B2B and B2C eCommerce market’s main solutions: Magento, Amazon, Prestashop and WooCommerce.
  • It applies Business Intelligence with Power BI: it is agile, efficient and flexible, with very easy-to-create indicators and mobility usage available.
  • Make the most of its automated bank management feature prior to the reconciliation of movements and the integration of invoices.

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Sage 200 Pricing

Sage 200 has a modular offer and a subscription payment plan, which enables you to have adequate and controlled investment management, avoiding large initial outlays. Pay only for what you need, with the confidence of knowing that, if you require more features, you can add them whenever you want.

Sage 200’s Starter Version, which includes Business Management and Finance, starts at €650/year.

To find out about the pricing and plan that best suits your company needs, you must contact Sage’s consultants, who will be able to set up a package for you.

Sage 200 Reviews

This is a tool that has virtually unlimited potential. Technologically, it is very advanced and everything in Sage 200 is designed so that the user takes full advantage of each of its features.

In addition to this, the tool’s modular design is something to be taken into account. This philosophy is very interesting from the customer's point of view because it makes it easier to pay exactly for what you need and, as your needs change, Sage 200 adapts to them in a very simple and fast way.

One of the most important tools in the world in terms of ERPs that does not stop growing with each update. It should always be one of your main options.

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