Sale Online is a way to sell more by boosting your Amazon Sales on North America. Using this Amazon tool you will be able to optimize your sponsored Amazon products ads on the platform.

This eCommerce solution do let you innovate and experiment with optimizing your PPC Ads by offering a fully automated and powered platform with AI. This way you will be able to boost your annual sales on Amazon by choosing  the plan that mostly adapts to your requirements.

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Sale Online Features offers you a complete dashboard where you receive data-driven recommendations based on how to improve and best manage your PPC/Ads campaigns on Amazon.

This tool does offer a few features that are include in each pricing program:

All-In-One Dashboard

You will have on one place all the information to track and analyze the quality and health on how your Amazon Ads are performing.

Auto Recommendations has alerts and makes KW bidding auto recommendations so those can be applied easily with just a couple of clicks. This way, data about your Amazon campaign are not so hard to interpret. Your monitoring of the campaign is on their good hands.

Relevancy Score

Tells at a glance how well are your keywords performing with the buyers. This metric is so simple to learn to analyze: a score from 1-10, meaning how prone and easy your target buyers will find your products listing super relevant in order to purchase them and take an action.

PPC Optimizer

You will save time by automating your sponsored products by analyzing a straight-to-point report with information, based on the historical data of them. That way you can spend less time optimizing and managing your campaigns to take the maximum profit.

Keyword Diagnosis

You get detailed diagnostic information about how your keywords are performing.

PPC Automation does give you help with shifting your money from bad keywords to profitable ones, working with existing campaign (so you can maintain your data, and there is no need to affect your ACoS).

Set ACoS Target

You will achieve the best possible ACoS for each keyword, by using this Amazon tool. Their own algorithms will make the bid suggestions in order to optimize the campaign for that specific target.

Real Time Bidding (RTB)

The Sale Online does work with their own algorithms to optimize your campaigns, ad placements and kw biddings, so your can get your buyers your products every time.

Trial does offer a 14 Day Free-Trial, just by entering your email address (no credit card information required), so you can get started on experiencing a boost on your Amazon Sales. screenshot

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This Amazon tool to optimize your Ads does work only on North America Market, and each of the plans does offer:

  • Unlimited Keywords analysis.
  • Unlimited Products to optimize.
  • And the full experience of the 8 features we talked about before.

The plans does go from $27/month up to $307/month, depending on the volume of your annual sales on Amazon. Also, there are always discounts on every plans if you do make the payment monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual.

Sale Online Review

Even though does only covers the North America market they do provide a wide range of features that we wish could be applied to many more Amazon markets.

The way that they work with the customized algorithms make boost your Amazon sales so easy, and really quickly to keep track on which kw are performing better and optimize those campaigns that need a little bit of a shift.

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