Sales.Support is a comprehensive solution for anyone interested in selling wholesale through Amazon. Of course it is a very complete tool thanks to the amount of options it has and the areas of the business it covers. features

As we said this tool is loaded with features collected in its dashboard that is worth reviewing in depth to better understand how useful it can be in your eCommerce.

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Supplier management

It basically concentrates on a single page all our suppliers with the necessary data to, at a glance, control the activity and sales of our entire supplier network.

Wholesale List Analyzer

What if I told you that you could save many hours of product analysis? With the analyzer you can.

Aggregated data from all sources can be interpreted in a matter of minutes so you know, before you make any decisions, which products are or are not profitable to sell on Amazon.

Inventory Manager

One of the most complicated points to manage is always that of inventory management. Running out of a product that is selling very well means losing an opportunity, money and, what is worse, putting it on a plate to a competitor. uses this inventory manager to be able to see in real time the evolution of your sales and, what is better, implements a button so that you can re-stock in a single click when you start to detect a low level. screenshot

Warehouse Automation

One of the keys to making a business more efficient and productive is its ability to automate as many processes as possible.

With we can do exactly this with warehouse management. Not only can we track all supplier and customer orders, we can also integrate the software with logistics platforms (including 3PL) and have each order moved directly into the warehouse for processing.

Sales and profit analysis

The control panel includes a section with detailed graphics in which we can check the evolution of sales and accumulated profits in a given period.

In order to calculate these figures it uses some data such as:

  • Orders
  • Welded units
  • It comes out
  • Cost Price
  • Amazon fees
  • Taxes
  • Promotions
  • Others
  • Gross profit

This can be calculated in an aggregate way with the total of the listings or individually for each of the products we have on sale.

Automate FBA Shipments

For those salespeople who have opted for the FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) option in which Amazon receives the products and takes care of all the management, is a very useful tool.

Just as it manages our own automated warehouse, it can take care of shipping to logistics centers and also allows us to define our shipping plans to find the most efficient and economical one.


Thanks to this feature we will be able to make our business more profitable. With the amount of things you have to do in a day you are likely to overlook many times requesting refunds that are due to you.

They take care of taking the photos, generating the claim, doing the resubmission and taking care of the follow-up.

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Pricing & trial

You have a single price plan with a monthly amount of $99.99.

You can try for free without entering a credit card. When the trial period expires, you will be charged the 100 dollars mentioned above. review

We are talking about one of those tools designed for sellers with a certain volume but that can help companies of any size. It is complete, intuitive to use and easily integrated into all sales processes at Amazon.

It is true that the price is somewhat high for a management tool like this, but if it is really used it is not difficult to amortize. has everything eseential to start your Amazon business as a Seller. From the starting process to find a supplier or a wholesaler to source your product, to the daily stats on how your business is performing.

Other helpful features are the FBA reimbursements or the possibility to automatize shipments to Amazon’s warehouse (which takes ages if you do it manually).

Unlike other similar tools, Sales.Support interface is really easy to understand from scratch, so you won’t have any problems extracting all it’s juice from minute 0.

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